Attn:94.7 December to Remember Ticket Scalpers!


Basic economics is a bitch, eh?
pretty sure resale of tickets over face value is illegal in Portland. You could call the cops, but they will probably be too busy beating a mentally ill man to death for no reason and then bragging about it afterward.
A "true fan" would have been smart enough to get tickets when they were still available.
"Rather than making money off of someone else's creativity why don't you get a job you miserable pricks."

But this person DOES have a job - taking money from ignorant dummies who're willing to buy tickets off of scalpers. It's the economy, stupid fuck.
Stop procrastinating and win tickets on the radio like the rest of us.
I know it's normal to assault every minor complain on IA but what kind of asshole sticks up for scalpers?
Aestro, I'll stick up for scalpers. All they are doing is buying items that they believe will be worth more in the future, and then selling them later. It's the same thing that people do when they buy "collectables," hoping to sell them for hundreds of dollars to tortured fanboys in the future. Any time you make any investment, you are doing exactly what the scalpers are doing. Why is it so different for event tickets than for, say, stocks? Or, let's take another example, what about when a retail store buys from a warehouse and sells at an inflated price? How is that any different? Yet, I don't hear people grumbling over how evil store owners are.
Torgo - seriously. Airlines get away with the same thing legally.

"Oh, you saw that ticket was cheap yesterday and thought you'd buy it now? Well you shouldn't have hesitated. NOW IT IS INFINITE MONIES."
Thanks fellas! Didn't think about it that way - if someone's making money on it, they most not be total assholes!

It's often illegal and no one actually involved in the concert has any say in it - not the venue, not the actual ticket retailers, and certainly not the artists.

Fuck scalpers. We're allowed to hate the assholes that make us pay twice as much (or more) for already expensive tickets.
Whatever man, it's not like they took the tickets away from you. They were on it and you were not. They aren't MAKING anyone pay them - you can buy the tickets for the regular price like a "TRUE fan". Want them to go away? Quit paying them.
This is your big chance! Put all this disappointment behind you and start liking better music. Don't fuck it up!
" We're allowed to hate the assholes that make us pay twice as much (or more) for already expensive tickets."

I was wondering when someone was going to bring up Ticketmaster, or are we still pretending scalpers are the only ones pulling this shit?
Everyone has hated Ticketmaster for over a decade. At this point I didn't even know it had to be said.

Then again, I didn't think there were people that would stick up for scalpers either.