Your Dog is Freezing, Asshole


Which is worse, the fact that whiny-nearly-hairless dogs exist, the person who owns one and doesn't care, or the person who doesn't have one and cares about them?
Saw a puppy sitting in the rain tied to a bike rack in front of Duckett's the other day; shivering and whining. Pretty sure these are the same types of people who - if they had kids - would leave them in the car on a hot day. But thankfully they are still just tinkering around with low-level animal abuse and haven't graduated to full-on child endangerment yet.
This again. Like other times, some commenter will probably claim that dogs never get cold because, hey, they're animals, or something.
But they're not a native, wild species. They're a domesticated animal, which means you take care of them; you don't tie them up so they can't get to a warm place.
Between this and all the news today, I'm feeling some serious shame and remorse on behalf of my race.
(in Sean Connery's voice:)
"Your asshole is freezing, dog!"
The only Dick's burger where you can eat inside is on lower Queen Anne Hill (that'd be Seattle, yo). Save yer bitchin' for the Stranger!
(I've seen at least two Dick's restaurants with indoor seating in PDX.) And yes: leaving your dog tied up outside in a cold or wet area for more than a few minutes, when it can't even run around to get warm, is a dick move.
Have to agree with IA here. Only a shitty low-down human leaves their dog tied outside for extended periods on end. I see this myself, all of the time. People, if you know you're going to be gone for a while, LEAVE YOUR DAMNED DOG AT HOME! Otherwise, give him/her to someone who WILL take care of it.

jesus, you people are almost as bad as breeders.
Damos, you do know that some people find the term "breeder" as offensive as the term "nigger", don't you?
^ Oh dear, where to even start with YOU...
A good start would be by not using pejorative terms for for straight people that have had children. (And, no, I don't have any children - can't stand the things...)
Ok, you know goddamn what? As soon as you can show me the precise history detailing how people were enslaved based solely and exclusively on whether they HAD CHILDREN and nothing else, then i will apologize and delete my account here.
It always comes back to the race card. Always. The dude thinks debate is french for beating off.
So, you were a slave? Where, when? Name one American citizen alive today that has been a slave (excepting those that have fled other parts of the world.) There isn't a single native-born American alive that has been a slave. In case you haven't been keeping up on current events, it was outlawed in this country 147 years ago. (At the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of dollars.) Simply because you belong to a racial group that were slaves a century and a half ago does not give you leave, or get you a pass to use derogatory, hateful terms. My family came to this country in 1853 to escape religious persecution. They suffered further persecution on arrival, as well as violent attacks and murder. They left the United States and went to Utah (at that time, not part of the U.S.) That does not give me permission to go name calling, or using derogatory terms to those outside of my family's religion.

Sorry Damos, but the use of your Race Card has been declined. And, it does not justify current boorish, rude behavior.
I think the point DamosA was oafishly trying to get at may be that the n-word is widely perceived as more offensive than the average insult like "breeder" because it has the weight of hundreds of years of ongoing oppression (not just slavery) behind it.
Saying the two are just as hurtful seems unbelievable. You say "some people" find the terms equally offensive. Like who? Anyway, you're feeding a troll by telling him how offensive he's being.
I, for one, find it highly offensive. The Merc goes to Defcon2 over any homophobic language (see above) - which is fine; However, aren't we seeking equality? If we want respect for our differences, shouldn't we show respect to the differences of others? And, accordingly, if we don't allow folks to talk smack about the race or culture of others, why should we allow the denigration of peoples repoductive choices? Say anything against abortion in PDX and you'll pretty much get your nuts sliced why is it ok to use nasty terms to talk about people that have excercised their reproductive choice to have children? Not having children, I really don't have a dog in the fight - I just find it incredibly hypocritcal to demand respect, then continually use offensive terms about others simply because the chose to be parents. And using the lond dead issue of slavery to justify such conduct is utterly duplicitous and nonsensical.
Well, DamosA is just overcompensating for his own issues with the whole hatred of breeders thing, because, as rumor has it, his mama was one.
The name of this establishment does well to describe it's staff and many of its patrons.