Do The Right Thing


By unsavory, do you mean sweet?
"This is not a joke."

Fooled me
fixed-gear. (laughing under my breath)

all the same, good luck in finding the thieving bastard.
Disagree, I want to see the beating and am secretly hoping it involves many crew cut sporting affliction t shirt clothed young men. Also, 4 loco cans
Right, threatening a person who committed a crime with another crime is SO effective.

(I was laughing about the fixed-gear too.)
All bike thieves should be put to DEATH!!!
Sorry, which d-bag on a fixed-gear is this for?
Stealing custom fabricated one-off bikes worth half what you make in a year and then riding around on them like it's no big deal is giving tweakers a bad name.

I too am hoping this guy gets his ass kicked.
Damn! I want a Hufnagel frame so bad but it's a 2.5 year waiting list last time I checked. And stealing one is pretty stupid, not one is the same. Like stealing the Mona Lisa. "This is clearly MY Mona Lisa, I just got it off craigslist!"

This must be the d-lord in question:…
That was a pretty hilarious pic. Huge headphones over the ridiculous oversized baseball cap. Ahhh, I hope the bike makes its way back to its rightful owner without anyone being hurt. OK, maybe hurt just a little.
I see he put tape on the seat and strapped some jackass contraption to the seatpost. TOTALLY doesn't look at all like the aforementioned stolen bike.

And that look in his eyes is priceless: It's either terror or tweaker, perhaps both.
Quandary of the evening: is that acne, meth sores or *gasp* BOTH?
I hate to be the one to bring this up because the vigilante spirit is obviously high, but there's a chance the kid in the picture bought it or traded for it or was given it by the actual thief. I'm not saying that's a certainty, but that's kinda how it works sometimes with criminals and thieving pieces of shit, and I don't know if it's necessarily fair to just sentence this (again) kid to a lynching on sight.
Didn't the poster say that the photo was of the person who was seen stealing it?
Sounds like someone confronted him about the bike on the MAX and the guy bolted. That sounds like the behavior of a thief or someone in knowing possession of stolen property. Guilty regardless.
No one said anything about anyone having been seen stealing the bike, at least not here or on the Craigslist posting.
I also love all the assumptions that the thief is a meth head who stole a super-expensive bike in order to... put a rack or basket on it and ride it around town? Not really how addiction-related theft works.
@lyle, I was being somewhat facetious, but on the other hand if the bike in question belonged to me or a friend I probably would not be very nice about getting it back. I am not making any assumptions as to who stole it or why, but theft is wrong.
Robby Fenstermaker will buy it.…