I Am, The Man


Gee, some lonely loser sure is bored.
^ oh the irony...
You eat in the NW; there is some really shitty expensive restaurants there. You sound like a stupid fat bitch. Go stuff your face some more.
Wow, I don't think this is a troll... I wonder, how long until this self-loathing fuck takes his own life?
Boring troll is boring
When your house is egged, your car is keyed and your meal is spit (spat?) in...that was ME!
"I love the smell of bullshit in the morning, it smells like *victory*..."
hold up... can a vagina just read this in its entirety.. just give a girl a second, before you get all puffy. I just got home, I read the first three lines, and ALREADY, an opinion is forming. Ima be back……… so hold on a second, just for a second. lol
you can give me a second.... and HELL YES! I concur, i concur so much, that i dislike my last comment... but "sorry ass?" (in my Daniel Tosh voice) "wtf i work hard" haha YOU work too hard, if you talk like this!! (this mamas loves her job!!) "and ALREADY, an opinion is forming." (this is a girl who wrote this "queen", and i bet your ass is smoken hot!) :)
Rogue worker drone alert in Sector B.
Yawn. There are way too many match wielders on here to make straw-man waving a safe sport.
Art Alexakis, is that you?
I call fake. These straw-man posts (including the ones about "dirty hippies" or terrible bikers/drivers) only show that we really don't understand each other very well.
Am I supposed to be upset or something? Eh. Ps, I peed in your planter.....sorry.
"^ oh the irony..."

Successfully BAITED. I knew it had to have been YOU who wrote this IA. I simply had to get you to out yourself.

Just tried to read this with my penis, no dice, guess I'm not Daredevil...
COMMENT DELETED: likely make damosa cry.
Good help is hard to find. Even fair treatment of minions is all to often not recognized by them. There is no need to rub it in. They are already hyper sensitive as it is. If you've got it so good now, why not just enjoy life?
Also, it's not really accurate to say there's "nothing" anyone can do about the situation as it stands.
I mean, you and everything you own remain quite flammable, you know.
I'd be happy condensed to kiss your ass if I really thought you would actually hire me, but the facts are, that those flunkies who you complain to us about rather than telling them off directly to their grubby little faces, are holding all the cards. You can't find legitimate enough grounds to fire them and your boss doesn't want to have to pay unemployment.

Therefore, they win -you lose. You hate them. You hate your job. You are miserable and stuck.

Merry fucking Christmas you old grinch. Maybe if you would relax and have a drink with the crew after work once in awhile, they might actually look to you to lead the revolt.
Nobody else assumed this was Steven Humphrey? Like he never posts anonymously to his own shitty paper...