Good for you, NOW MOVE!


As Eileen Bradyspeare once writ, "All the New Seasons' a stage"
That spacer bar? It's for dumbfucks like you who believe the cashier isn't paying attention/once it's been scanned, it's yours.

I never use them, never had too.

You ,however, use them as an emotional crutch. And that gets you a sad life. Bitch.
You've never had to use the divider (spacer), Geo? I call BS. I don't know how many times I've seen people's shit get mixed up with someone else's shit simply because there wasn't a divider. The divider hits that little light that stops the conveyor belt and "divides" people's groceries. If the divider didn't stop the belt, then someone's milk would, or beer, or whatever... in which case the food would get mixed up. Am I really having to explain this to you?
I dunno about you, you lazy eyed anus, I watch my transaction unfold infront of me. I let others touch those germ sticks. Ya dig?
Just say 'moo0O0ooo, cow on the tracks'. Works every time.
Geo: It's not about you, foo. It's designed to assist the cashier and all the other customers... just like "unloading your own basket" does. Get it? Instead of ringing up an item that doesn't belong to the present customer, the store has designed ways to speed up and prevent this from happening. Hence the spacer bar, and when you unload your Dennison's Chili and six-pack of Bud, it makes shit move more efficiently, provides for an easier transaction and gets your sorry ass out of the store as quickly as possible, which benefits everyone. Man, I'd hate to get behind you in line, for you appear to be very inconsiderate and socially inept. (also smelly)
Its called a skill set. Most seasoned cashiers have them and I prefer to do my shopping at places that employ such individuals. You shop with slops and somehow think you know why those divider bars were invented.

I guess you don't know to pick and choose your battles, do you? Is this really your stand? This is where you're drawing the line? You don't use dividers and the cashiers at the store you frequent actually appreciate it? I'm sorry my friend, but I still call BS. I'm outta here buddy, and you still smell.
If you really resent them, ask them who the father is. Actually, I think that even works with straight couples if you follow up with "Oh, it doesn't look like you!"
Gah! Fuckin' babies! I was at Qdoba and one of those infants started WAILING. Ruined. My. Lunch. How old before you can start spanking them, anyway? I say if you're crying, there should be a reason, you know?
Hell is New Seasons.
- Jean Paul Shart
Geo - I used to think that. Then one day I didn't use one and the cashier tried to sell my stuff to the woman ahead of me, despite my only having 2 items, a few feet behind hers on the belt. The cashier also didn't like my comment about "Damn, you forget the bar and everything falls apart."
But as for the actual post - this all sounded like normal new parent behavior. I never would have guessed they were lesbians if you hadn't said it, so maybe consider that they are just obnoxious people who happen to be gay, and that their gayness isn't the CAUSE of them sucking.

Bam! PC police strike again!
OK, now you've escaped from them. But you're still stuck with yourself.
Anon needs to get laid
There are no New Seasons silly we have had the same 4 for like ever and ever. Jamdox you are NOT the father! Regards Maury Povitch
Anon, here's something to think about. Your post about how new parents are annoying is just the latest in a long line of posts about basically the same thing. Most of them are more interesting, and most of the complaints are more legitimate. However, the argument in the comments about the spacer bar, that was pure gold. I'm not sure what that says about me, or about this site, but I encourage you to think about it before you post again.
Torgo - Surely I'm not the only one who is here just for the comments? The only interest I have in the actual posts is in what kind of comments they'll generate.

Really lime that like/dislike refresh thingy huh? Here's a clue: I fucking LOVE being disliked. ya heard? Dumbass.
Geo: Your lame attempt to change the argument was a bit... disappointing. I mean, I'm glad that you're proud of yourself and all, but c'mon man, can't you do any better? Your giddiness actually caused you to make a mistakey-poo. Slow down there buddy, take a breather and relax. Anyway, I'll be sure to dislike your comments from here on out... I am a giver afterall, don't ya know?
P.S. Geo, you're right, the refresh button does let you make more than one dislike/like! I do wonder though, how did you ever know that? Perhaps you've liked/disliked your own comments, eh? Fucking hypocrite.
Weird, that refresh thing does't work for me. Wonder if it's browser specific.


Yeah, new parents, yay, your vagina works! You've done THE most simple biological thing there is to do on this planet. Congrats. And thank God because if it is one thing we need on this planet is more fucking people. Kidding!

Is there anything more precious than a new bab - zzzzz....
COMMENT DELETED: THREATENING LANGUAGE (And that's the last warning for you, Geo.)
C**t? You still use that word? Wow. Listen, you're a rude and inconsiderate person, we get it. You also take pleasure in having a negative attitude and you actually seek out disapproval from others, you made that perfectly clear. That being said, how does one convince you that putting out the spacer is a positive and polite thing to do? I mean, in your delusional world, you actually think cashiers appreciate it when you don't put it out. One last time: The presence of an object on the conveyor belt breaks the beam of light which stops the belt. The spacer is the best object to break the beam and stop the belt because as it does this, it also keeps peoples groceries separated. Are you still with me, Geo? Pay attention now... put down that Cheetos bag and concentrate, please. If the spacer doesn't break the beam, stop the belt and keep groceries separated, then something else has to. That something else would be PEOPLE'S GROCERIES and the end result would be MIXING UP PEOPLE'S GROCERIES. For you to make the claim that cashiers actually want this to happen is just asinine. I'm done with this thread now. You're dumb.
I think the real question is, who is supposed to place the bar, the forwardeè, or who is back in line.
Are the idiots inside the grocery store that always park their cart where there's the least amount of aisle space the same ones that are meandering down the middle of the lane in the parking lot even when a car is behind them?
No, but if I,A would have just placed the bar/spacer herself/himself she/he would have saved time, for everybody, not have written this rant and probably would be less irritated now.
@aestro....generally yes