First World Problems... But Still.


Wow, you really turned this one around on me! I was ready to tell you that your music was probably crap anyway, but you got me in the end.

I'm just a sucker for self-effacing humor, I guess...
Jesus man, learn to torrent. Talk about throwing $400 down the drain.
If I'm reading this correctly, Anonymous put two CDs into his drive at once? Jesus fuck.

Seriously, take an hour to learn how computers work.
It's true anyone who thinks spending 400 bucks on that is retarded and has the IQ of a child.
You went to the Mac Store not an Apple Store. They are a third party reseller of Apple products and are notorious for being asshats with a chip on their shoulders. Next time go to a real Apple Store where they would've told you to just download GarageBand for $15 and are trained to walk you through complex computer problems in laymans terms.
I've actually had negative experiences at the Mac Store as well.
Thankfully, I don't understand most of this
"Warped the laser"? What kind of Fisher Price laptop do you have there, kiddo?

There are too many mind-boggling things to comment about in this IA, to the point I have to believe it has to be fake. NO ONE IS THIS FUCKING STUPID!
Who is the idiot, the IA or some of you commenters? Maybe both, I don't know. I installed the "iLife" update and my computer (THE LASER) got super hot. It took a long time to get it installed, and the drive just spun and spun. So, I'm assuming that since the IA stated he/she installed the two programs at the same time, perhaps it got hot enough to warp the laser. It makes sense, since he actually said it in his rant. No one told him to wait between installations to let the computer/drive/laser cool down, so it warped. Again, he stated this in his rant and I don't see how it confused some of you. Looks like a few of you are "experts" at computers, but BAD at reading comprehension.
To clarify: "at the same time" means one after the other. I know how literal some of you people get.
some people shouldn't be messing around i guess?!
People are free to be "messing around" all they want. Right, Chrissy Robbie? Oh, I mean Slappy...
Can't comment, as I stopped reading beyond the cliched title.