Telling Me to Go


I don't know about the "always dudes" part, but yes.

Another problem area is the crosswalks on the park blocks. There are pedestrians who aren't even trying to cross, and a green light a block away, and drivers will stop.

Sometimes there's only 3 cars behind them, and it would be faster to just get out of the way and let the pedestrians cross.

Sometimes it's really busy and the pedestrians almost get hit by the guys in the next lane over, who haven't stopped and don't know why the other lane did, because they don't base their self-esteem on being dangerously "courteous" on the road instead of just fucking driving.

Another case of morons with no idea of their surroundings telling others to go. Shit's dangerous, and these idiots think this behavior makes them good people...

Or they're just sociopaths who figured out an easy way to see blood without getting in trouble. That's probably most likely, actually.
Not always dudes. Sometimes it's bros doing this.
Bros and dudes, working those "steady streams"...
greige seems to be inferring that black people in Portland don't drive. tchssssss
I know EXACTLY what the IA writes about. This not only happens when you're driving, but also on foot. I feel your pain, IA!
A friend of mine was killed crossing a street a few years ago because a trimet bus driver gestured for her to go ahead, while it was blocking her view of the fast moving oncoming traffic in the next lane.

Before you go to collect your traffic karma, make sure you're not actually putting someone's life in danger.