Here's the data in all its glory. For all the alt media and blogosphere fawning over Portland's "bikeyness," we're going to average around 4,000 bike trips (a total for both ways) accross the city's busiest bike bridge. Most of those trips are by the same person coming and going, so its actually closer to 2,000 unique riders accross the Hawthorne for the next couple of months.

That's not all that impressive. This stupid bike counter is probably going to backfire on bike advocates because now we actually have data that undermines their talking points about how Portland is a great year round bike town and we can be just like Amsterdam!

Actually, it won't backfire, because our government will just press on with green boxes "buffers," cycletracks on Cully Blvd. of all places, and all sorts of fluff not needed by the majority of people who actually bike in this town during the majority of the year when its not 75 and sunny and we need to hop from beer patio to beer patio. Cause its all part of the "plan."