I Don't Like You, Mom and Sis


You could think up an emergency and go back home. The holidays should be filled with happy drinking, not forced to cope drinking.
I do not see how you can love someone that you fundamentally do not like. That sounds impossible to me.

Personally, I have family that I do not like, and I treat them as I treat any person that I do not like. I do not associate with them.
@Torgo, ditto. I do feel bad about it but there is no bond there anymore, not sure there ever was. Thankfully that is not my entire family. I suggest you take Torgos advice anon
Have somebody call your cell phone, shout "YOU'RE KIDDING! GREAT!" tell mom and sis "I've just been offered a job at an Argentine summer camp!" and run.
Why are you visiting for multiple weeks? That makes no sense. If you feels some sort of obligation to go, 4 or 5 days tops for a cross country trip to your family. Cut that by a day for each timezone your aren't traveling.
Family like fish goes bad after about three days.
This makes me feel so good I decided to call out on going home this xmas. Bill Burr has a good bit on making the decision and how good you feel afterward. If I want to see my family I'll conveniently fly in for a weekend instead of anchoring down for 1.5 weeks of Jesusfest.
Ok... WHY do you love these people again??? Logic, please.
Just because you are related doesn't mean you have to like or even see your family. Tell them you have other plans (don't over-explain) and leave.
"Family like fish goes bad after about three days."

yup... hence why i'm only going to visit my mother for 2 days. and to borrow money.
Now I want to watch old episodes of Daria.
WHY did my last comment have 15 dislikes? It was a perfectly sensible query. RACISM!

That's what happens when you ask people to explain themselves when they know they can't. Read these comments, I've rarely seen so little spine. Most of them amount to the same thing, "just lie to them and get away." When you ask "why?" they don't know why they think it's better to start lying to protect the feelings of people that they don't like in the first place. The truth, probably, is that they don't have the problem that they say they have in the first place. It's just more fun/hip to talk about how much you dislike your family.

Why would it surprise you that people who think "lie and run away" is a good solution to a problem would also click "dislike" and ignore your simple question?

For the above reason, I think your claim of "racism" is entirely unnecessary.
Cliffy. Racism? Hardly, it's because you suck. Plain and simple. Not a race thing, an adult thing.

Tip: you could start acting and dressing like someone coming up on hitting 40....
I say it's racism. And the fact that you would try and deny that makes YOU racist by default. I am right, yes? Yes.

And Geo, tell me to mah face that i "suck". Becha you won't.
Sure dude. Everything that never goes your way, must be racism. You sound soooo brilliant...
Speaking of the truth, dude, you need a make over. Big time! New campaign! Give Cliffy a makeover 2013.
I saw you on Killingsworth a week or two back and wondered to myself: does Cliffy have a time machine or did he just take good care of his chintzy raver clothes from the 90's?!

i like yr comments, DaMosta. but i'm still a racist.

go figure.

and George, start a Kickstarter! we could take Cliffy to Pioneer square... or out to Clackamas. i'd love to see Cliffy in a pair of Dockers and a nice Ralph Lauren polo.