I Remembered


And you're telling us, why?
I have a feeling this won't be anonymous to the parties involved.
Sooo, you MARRIED a pedo now you mad. B/c you're a dumb idiot. And you think we care WHY???
@ DamosA

Probably because we hang out in comment sections all fucking day waiting to sound superior.
Really now? You don't say.
Is IA referring to human in training by any chance?
@ chicostix:

actually, i've always assumed that you and DamosA were one in the same, ever since i noticed a while back how you both tend to misspell things in the same, dumbass way...add to that the fact that you both textually spray similarly-colored diarrhea around here in the same childish, mindless way, and well, that leads me to conclude that it's probably all coming from the same asshole. but, even if i'm right, you are clearly the sloppier, more imbecilic half.

[for any of you who think i'm being too harsh or inaccurate in my statements here, i invite you to peruse his profile/past comments and see for yourself...]

so, anyway, where'd that come from? -- just out of the blue, without provocation or reason to actually believe such, you come out and label me a potential pedophile? at least give me shit about something i've actually said or done -- don't just throw random, libelous shit out there like that.

it's people like you, chicostix, with your poo-poo/pee-pee mentality, that keep me from having too much hope for our species -- there are simply too many of you, and way too few of us who are trained to perform impromptu, society-benefiting vasectomies. so, should we ever meet, the best i can do is to simply kick you in the balls repeatedly for about 7 minutes straight, until i'm quite positive that you won't be able to taint this world any more than you already have.