It's Not You, It's Me!


Your Douchebaggery is illuminous! You've been leading someone on for 2 years who you call boring? I hope the jolly fat man shits down your chimney this year!
Hey letter: I'm pretty sure you were written for no discernible reason! I think your author thought they were being clever, but it has all the cohesion of a broken jpeg! It wants to be so much, and yet fails to land even some beginning of an impact because it's the product of a mediocre mind! So...yeahhh...
I like how she says it’s not you, its me..

You've kinda already placed blame on them douchcake, and have taken way the lame attempt to save their feelings in your subject line.

You called them boring, and accused them of having a “fucked up life.” You then admit that you feel really bad for “leading them on for this long”
Who’s life is really fucked up here, if you lead someone on who you call boring and recognize what a fucked up life looks like?

If you going to go public as a douche bag, then own that shit! Your subject line should read “It’s not me, its you!” (by the way, you’re an asshole!)
Why don't you tell him. What the hell are we supposed to do about it?
So you feel REALLY bad about leading this hot guy on for so long, but you don't feel bad about leading on your boyfriend of 2 years? Classy stuff!
Dear IA, please kill yourself.
Yes, this IA skank needs to go kill herself/himself right MEOW!

"I have boyfriend."

Tell that to the guy you've been leading on for two years; you flithy whore!
Yeah because obviously everyone dating someone is 100% monogamous. And if they're not, they deserve to be called a "filthy whore" on the internet by someone who doesn't know them or their exact situation.
Looks like filthy whore has a 'yes' vote from geyser.
i never thought i'd actually upvote a comment by Cliffy... i guess 12/21/2012 really is the end of the world.
Ohhh, i see what you did there!