Tough Guy


If Stallone can do it, I can do it.
please go back to school and get your GED.
Toothpick in mouth looks tough? I think it's disgusting. I know that this particular toothpick, that I, Anonymous writes about, served as a utensil for a piece of cheese, but what about the gross fucks who PICK THEIR TEETH AT THE TABLE after dinner -- I've actually seen this at restaurants. Idiots picking their teeth at the table or at the cash register on the way out of the restaurant. Why not just floss at the table or clip your fingernails/toenails, too? Public tooth-picking = G-R-O-S-S! Save your grooming for the restroom or the privacy of your home!
pent up frustrated unbalanced wankazoid IA. who cares, let the motherfucker chew on a toothpick
I could spear your left nut like a cocktail onion if you'd rather.
Why do you assume that chewing on a toothpick is meant to communicate anything to anyone? Is everything that you do meant to communicate something to other people?
The "toothpick tough" thing went out in the 50's (if it even existed at all). I think it is far more likely YOU think it looks cool and were jealous/intimidated by toothpick guy.

Buncha guys comin' at ya'; all slicked back pompadours and snappin' their fingers in rhythm. Perfectly choreographed in their tight white tees and chewin' on a toothpick! Tough guys! Yeah, you'll show them...tough guys...
Todd that's fucking funny!! lmao!!! hahahaha
Wait, was this me? This might've been me. Yeah, I got a bit of an oral fixation, if I don't have something in my mouth I grind my teeth. Food makes me fat, tobacco makes me sick, and I really like the sample toothpicks - better than the ones you buy in packs that splinter after 3 chews.
If you're worried about someone chewing a toothpick at the store I,A, then I'm pretty sure they're not the one with an issue.
If you had any guts, you would have lit it for him.
RB - Dude, the gangsters from West Side Story might SEEM laughable, but wait until they're following you down a darkened alleyway. TERRIFYING shit.