It was a great xmas day - up early - opening presents with my daughter, breakfast with our family, then off to other friends house for drinks, dinner and laughs galore, back home, drop the car off, smoke out and walk 10 blocks to the Sandy Hut with hot awesome fab GF to have late night drinks and play my favorite game in the world until I found out how you managed to kick my day in the balls.

Real rad stuff stealing those two red shuffleboard pucks from the Sandy Hut - High Class Badass you are - Ooooooh.... The pride and respect you now command from The dickwit community as they nod their repectful dues at how you've 'fucked shit up' for Shuffleboarders on Xmas day and every day thereafter.

So what are you gonna do with them Mc Fuckshitmeister? Cos buttplugs they ain't and they're no good for chopping lines on on either. You can't shout it loud and proud cos a crime against the Sandy Hut is a crime against all. You essentially stole the wallet from a 67 year old table. That's right I said it! you know why? cos I'm from Scotland and I'm "the Scottish guy who likes to play Shuffleboard at the Sandy Hut" ALOT!!!!..... and when I find you I'm gonna say it real loud in front of lots of people and take those pucks off you and retry that Buttplug scenario on you.

And If I don't the 10 other members of my Shuffleboard gang (yes - I roll with a SB posse) will.

So do yourself, the Sandy hut and shuffleboarders everywhere a favor and put them back.