Online Dating


Hey cutie, you seem sexxxy. We'd make a cute couple.
Wow, its a big mystery why you are single and not having any luck on dating sites...
By "my blog" do you mean this one here or another one that isn't anonymous? Because I would read that shit either way.
"I will just post your emails on my blog for everyone to see how lame you are."


you sound like marryin' material!

no, you don't sound insufferable at all.
i *am* trying to find myself a nice pot-head girl...but, in the meantime, sometimes i like the idea of 'dating-up' and getting my Pearl on -- i can clean up pretty well for a pot-smoker -- let's not let such trifles (or my raging Greshameth habit) get in the way of our love/lust.

as far as posting photos of myself w/half-naked gals: relax -- that's just ma, sis, and my couz/ex...i just want to make sure that you realize that, if you give me a chance, i could be the master of your muffin just like i was of my cheatin'-bitch cousin's (she's the one on my left, with the faux-cleavage and her hand on my sister's thigh).

anyway, seriously: message me back already, sugar-nips!

(p.s.: you're so cute that i don't even care that i'm out of your league. we're adults -- let's do this, my lovely -- i know it sounds cliché, but you've never made love until you've made it in my Grand Am, parked in Troutdale.)
Have you tried ?
Ugh... "traditional" dating is tough enough - online dating is actually more of a shit show. You'd think it'd be easier finding a match because you post what you like/dislike, what you want (long term, FWB, just dating, etc) and display pics of yourself. I agree with this gripe - sometimes guys just reach out to the wrong gal and act like it's the chick's fault for not wanting to date down. (And this can happen with dudes having chicks below their status hit on them). It's just... frustrating.
read that: 'live in the Third World'.
Labeling anyone who smokes weed as a "pothead" is lazy, disingenuous and plain stupid. It'd be like calling anyone who enjoys a beer or wine with dinner an alcoholic or a drunk. I must admit your letter paints you as a bit pushy and conceited. You can't watch Kung Fu anywhere but the Hollywood theater? Come on. It basically sounds like you're single and sex starved, and your resentment of men is boiling over. Perhaps you should learn to compromise a bit more instead of demanding the Mr Prince Charming Perfection you fantasize about and criticizing anyone who isn't exactly that. Seriously, no guy is going to want to go near you if you act this way.

Good luck either way.
How can someone "seem" sexy?? You either are, or you or not. "You seem it, but you’re, just not quite there yet"
Anyone who emails that as their opening line of communication to a stranger on a dating site, when looking to pursue them; deserves to be posted on a blog somewhere, or better yet on I,A! This I,A gets a round of applause!!
^^ Punctuation massacre... good lawdy!
"Find yourself a nice pot head girl."

That's the easy part. BUT THEN HOW DO YOU GET HER TO LEAVE?
To find your mate, go to college. Take notice (but too obvious) of your prey in those classes you actually have an interest in.

Tell your future love slave that you need help with homework and BAM, the trap is sprung and you ride off victoriously. You're welcome.
This I,A's questions... not so mysterious.

Q: Why do you have tons of pictures on your profile of you with half naked chicks? Or your ex girlfriend?

A: Probably because they think that makes them seem more desirable.

Q: Why do you send messages to women that are clearly not a match for you?

A: Maybe it's only obvious in your head, i.e. they don't think driving a half hour to see kung-fu flicks is too much work to get to know a potential life partner.

Q: [Druggies writing missives...] what do you fucking want from me?

A: Chronic marijuana use makes people stupid and mean. They're just taking out their aggression.

Hope that clears everything up. Personally, I'm thinking of starting a blog where I put up profile pictures, side-by-side with pictures of whatever it is that actually shows up to coffee. Because that is the real bullshit part of online dating.
Pot makes people mean? Sounds like you've been smoking some weak shit.
How you like your eggs girl, fried or fertilized?
Is this a banana in my pocket or am I just glad to see you?
You can never have to much champagne, in the champagne room arenit. I think Punctuation is very pretty! ("To be used, or not to use, that is the question.")
Well, I'm clearly in the minority here, as I don't find her complaints too bad really.
Posting replies on your blog strikes me as over-the-top vindictive though.
Online dating in Portland is a fucking joke. We all know OKC is just a hookup site. Use condoms. Seriously, have you seen these folks? USE CONDOMS.

Ladies. Let's be honest. Those fat girl angle shots are played out and so is your love of Zooey what's her face. Yes, we know you LOVE baking cupcakes and "playing" your ukelele. Fucking stop. Just stop. If you are not one of these ladies: INTERNET HIGH FIVE.

Gents: Calling yourself a nice guy or laid back in the first sentence of a profile is an instant tip off that you are not - in fact - a nice guy. We all know that's an excuse to cover for your lack of whatever the fuck it is a lady wants. And what's with all the rock climbing photos?

Also, if you're putting a public dating profile up and are getting responses you don't like remember you are exposing yourself to a large and diverse demographic. Sorry not every one is up to snuff. This town blows when it comes to dating in general...try and meet someone in real life. Join a fucking kickball team. Go to a coffee shop or some shit.

Kk, gonna go smoke more weed now. Oh, do you drink? Because alcohol is a drug too, lil miss Sober Sally.
i just post on my OK Cupid profile that i'm unemployed, and that i like to masturbate and sleep a lot...

draws in the ladies like bees to honey.
"Don't be so desperate and unoriginal."

Says the stupid bitch who's online dating. Pot meet kettle.
How come girls never post their pictures on Craig's List unless they are there for business purposes?
@Single Bullet:

the gals i've seen on craigslist who do actually post pics tend to be in the, um, "plus size" range... and that's putting it politely.
Single Bullet - You pretty much just answered your own question.