You constantly complain about trivial inconveniences and barely perceptible slights. You assume that any time someone wronged you, it was intentional. You always imagine that others are trying to prove something to you, or that every one of their actions is meant to draw your attention. You seem to believe that everyone you see is somehow thinking about you, that they are acting to affect you. You act as though your life is the most difficult that any life has ever been. You disregard all of the evidence that almost every human who has ever lived has had fewer material conveniences and fewer options in life than you have. You are unable to accept that almost every human in history has suffered more than you. You are not special. You are not pitiable. You are the worst kind of self-absorbed narcissist. But at the root of it all, you are weak. You are unable to determine a course of action that would improve your condition because you are mentally weak, and you are unable to cope with any of your (mostly self-inflicted) problems because you are emotionally weak. Your weakness is why your life is so hard.

Blaming someone for causing a problem (even if that blame is correctly placed), is not ever a sufficient solution to that problem.