No Skateboarders to Bash Over the Head


Vera Katz executed an executive order banning assault weapons in Pioneer Square and I haven't seen one there since.
Quit smoking idiot
what a way to round out a month of shitty posts...

what exactly was the purpose of this one? are toothpicks in your mouth still allowed in the square? how about shuffleboard gangs?
you're seriously going to bitch? eff you!! try teaching a four year old to skate...... with a vagina.

jerk! (happy new year!)
Next time they accost you, pull the cigarette out of your mouth and stub it out on your tongue. No reason, I'd just like to see that.
Pioneer Courthouse Parallelogram just doesn't have the same ring to it...
Pioneer Courthouse Trapezohedron, perhaps? Or a little too Lovecraftian for good ole PDX?
smoking, bad. car exhaust, just fine.
Smoking a cigarette outdoors is pretty fucking harmless / not bothersome anyway, but I understand that the PBA (and the other directors who call the shots) has a great number of sticks up its ass about the park's appearance. I have no doubt in my mind that if parks & rec (or just the police) were wholly tasked with patrolling it, it would be overrun with street kids, mangy dogs and strewn with trash and butts.

That said, the security goons at Pioneer Square have long been known to be petty and dickish, but you're absolutely spot on that they should have no business patrolling the outer sidewalk for smoking passerby. They're bored and doing their job (which is busywork). Still, a good opportunity to shout FUCK OFF as loudly as possible without much fear of rebuttal. So maybe it's a blessing when they harass you?
It really is a square, though. To say otherwise is to start out on the wrong side of the argument.
I have participated in this exact behavior and never been stopped. Maybe you look more chatty than I do or maybe you smell like fresh baked bread.
I've never even noticed any non-police security at Pioneer Square, are you sure they're real?
@Torgo - Yes they're real, and they're entirely incompetent. There’s usually 3 on duty, they’re forbidden from touching people (even if there’s a fight), and their calls are ignored by real police dispatch. I walk through the square just about every workday, and every time there’s someone (or 5 people) smoking a cigarette while waiting for the MAX. The harassment by the guards is asinine, especially compared to the number of poorly planned and quite obvious drug dealing happening on 3 corners of that place. They are a useless ass-hat absent of all authority and dressed like a big boy in blue, including the stitched on badge.

A couple years ago I hosted an unpermitted anti-war rally there, the bearded 6’2” guard came over to told me that I (and the other 30 of us) had to leave because we didn’t apply for a permit. Having previously applied for permits at the square, I believe the least expensive option costs near $2,000 (for one quarter of the place). We were not causing any problems, and it was a Sunday morning, so I looked him straight in the eye and told him to go fuck himself. He said nothing, turned around, walked 25 feet away, and then scribbled in his notebook with intimidating fury for the next 30 minutes.
@Fidelity Axiom - Wow. I would say that whatever (City?) agency is hiring them is probably wasting their money. Do you happen to know who they work for? I'd kind of like to write a letter.
@Torgo - they're called Pacific Patrol, but there's no reason to write them, or anyone at the city a letter. No one will cares about your opinion, people will only notice your actions. If you wipe your ass with your letter it will have more utility.

If you just google them you'll see they've had very violent incidents in the past, and city leaders didn't bat an eye.
I, A has a point, but fuck smokers anyway.
I've always been under the impression that catamites were the bain of the world.