"Buddy, You Are Going to Earn Your Death!"


I ride a bike as my sole means of transportation. I know it's frustrating and scary out there. We get it.

Moving on.
can we have a new moratorium on bike-related posts?

how about making that the 2013 new year's resolution for IA? imagine it; one whole year of no bike posts.
No submissions about bicycles, parking, hipsters, shitty Vancouver drivers, dogs or anything that can be classified as first-world or "white people" problems.

I looked forward to reading the 5% of posts that don't fall into those tired categories.
We do live in a predominately white town in a first-world nation. These are the problems we have, and they are mostly petty.
'Taking the lane' is for jackasses who, for the most part, are trying to antagonize drivers, as there are very few instances where it is called for.
I've biked in several other countries whose lanes are typically smaller than our lanes, and I've yet to encounter this arrogant behavior in those places.