Gourmet Pets


chances are good that the pet food purveyor is thousands away, completely unaware of portland mercury i anonymous.....
There are indiscriminant dogs willing to eat crap food just like there are indiscriminant people willing to eat at McDonalds. I guarantee you that if my dogs had thumbs; they would be eating out of the fridge.
Anon: so why don't you feed your pet "grease drippings"? Or be the broke ass who buys dollar store pet food where the first ingredient is "bone meal"?

Some people prefer not to be shitty pet owners. YMMV
Is the title of this post a play on the Man is the Bastard song, "Gourmet Pez"?
Christ, this is it? This is our only I,A so far for 2013? Which is it: people just ain't complaining that much so far this year, or the editorial staff is gettin' lazy by not posting submitted I,As?


Somebody please: tell us about your masturbatory fantasies or about crapping in your neighbor's garage or about children making noise and ruining your day or smokers....shit, I'll take another smoking rant at this point.....I'M GOING THRU WITHDRAWALS HERE, PEOPLE!!
I agree. Not about the withdrawals, but this is anti-content. I mean, it's Portland. We could write about something stupid and over-the-top everyday. Hell, they made a TV show about it...
i have to take my cat's leftover can out of the fridge at least an hour before dinner. He's more finicky than an I,A commenter.
Dogs will eat cat shit all day long if left to their own accord, fresh or otherwise.
^most dogs are in subarus, not hondas.
Why do dogs love to eat cat shit so much? They scarf it down like it's Almond Roca or something. So disgusting.
This is why no matter how much I love a dog, I DO NOT LET IT LICK MY FACE.

Shit eaters. Every last one of them.