Just in Case No One’s Ever Told You


Comradery Of Dicks is a great band name.
So is Predictably Vest.

What means this?
Supercilious? Nice use of an SAT word there, Anonie.
Vest as a verb means to give authority. If I read this correctly, I, A means the heckler eventually shut up and gave the stage back to the comedian.
I woulda krieged my scruggies and got all cacciatore on her chiz-chaz.
Munch, you're right. I was thinking the past tense would be "vested" but nope.
Anyway, check out my the new MySpace page for my band Predictably Vest. There's a picture of me wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches and a g-string.
I am positive the I,A writer is flattered.

Are words that appear on SATs bad now? I guess while everyone else is picking apart the usual shit grammar, you'll be tackling those damned overinflated vocabularies? What a great use of time!

But yeah, nothing reeks of "privilege" quite like a 5 syllable word...
looks like someone got a thesaurus for christmas.
looks like someone doesn't like the flow of big words.
looks like someone is actually impressed by superfluous use of big words.
Yeah, that "supercilious" was totally superfluous. ;)

I'm just saying that maybe discouraging education isn't a particularly noble goal.

Oh, and that OnlySane is really predictable and lame. Yeah, mostly it was a personal dig.
Impressed by? No! But impressed that at least a few people perceive the meaning of what i write without using a dictionary, maybe. :)
@ Stephonknee:

as far as some people being 'perceptive' about the meaning of certain words without using a dictionary, well, sometimes people need to refer to them more often than they think they do.

case in point: i encourage you to pick one up and give a quick look in the 'A' section, as it is clear that you don't understand (or, as you would say, 'perceive') the meaning of the word 'anonymous'.
Yeah, it's not like big words made this a well written complaint. Not at all. Clarity is an important part of writing, and it's much more a problem of sentence structure than word choice which makes this post unclear.

That said, I think it's pretty bitchy to try and mock you for using the word "supercilious" just because SOMEONE needed to look it up. At least you're trying.
who says i wrote this? i didnt say that! All i said was that I'm not "impressed by" because i like to write using SAT words when i write, and i like that people perceive it.
(This is for the IA writer) Have you ever looked up the Urban dictionary word for "Assume"
@ Human in training

I think "Assume" is under your "A" section.
@ Steph:

i must've misinterpreted the last sentence of your comment. forgive me.

@ Munch:

well done. your prize: i hereby give you your 4th 'like'.