Why You?!?


Dawnson's Creek?
God forbid you make the first move. Pussy.
ruh roh, friend zoned.
Wait, I'm confused. So does he make you feel like an idiot, or does he make you feel happy, like he does?

You just went from hot to cold in the 30 seconds it took me to read this. You're doing it to yourself.
All I'm seeing are chocolate-colored piggy eyes, straight from a Max Fleischer cartoon. Outlook not so good.
Worst. Gaydar. Ever.
Damn’t, just be honest with him!

"I'm single, you're single. Do you want to get a drink tonight then fuck?"

Here's the secret: he's probably not attracted to you. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, "Would I fuck that?" If so, then make a move or regret it forever – if not, hit the gym and he’ll notice your new rock’n bod.
Tsk. Tsk. Letting oneself be sidelined. You and him baby, you ain't nothing but mammals. It worked for Clark and Hatfield, it will work for you too: "Excuse me, I've seen you around campus and find you very attractive. Would you like to go to bed with me?"