PTSD Sucks!


PTSD is one of those generic labels so commonly misdiagnosed these days. Yea, a few people legitimately have it, but like depression, ADHD, etc, it's really just one of those generic cure-all things to get you on more meds. Stop thinking of yourself as some permanently damaged specimen because that's clearly how you're viewing yourself. To a guy, you don't seem like girlfriend material but a project. No, a hassle. It's always going to be about you and your overblown attention-seeking disorder. Nut up and find yourself a new guy.
Good thing you know for sure that you're not talking to one of the legit cases....?

Also, you don't know that this is a woman. If they mentioned combat you probably wouldn't assume it was an "overblown attention-seeking disorder". But yeah, if a woman says she has PTSD, she was probably only raped or some shit, am I right? Probably totally had it coming too, dressing like that.

^Sarcasm alert, for those of you who don't pick up on these things.
Everyone gets dealt a hand in life. You either deal with it, or you incessantly make up excuses on why you can't.
That's a pretty unoriginal view of mental illness in general. Some people deal well, others don't. You read this blog, so you know how worked up people get over all manner of petty crap, so the fact that some people will totally fall apart when an actually traumatic event occurs shouldn't be that unbelievable to you.
Yes, and the fact we live in the most privileged and over-diagnosed society in the history of mankind is lost on you. Of the dozens of dates I've been on in the last couple of years, every woman either has a PSTD story, a rape story, a mental illness story. We get it, you're the star of the show. All attention on you. All your shortcomings, we men can't comment on because you've got your excuses, certified by your doctor no less. Now suck it the fuck up and live your life. All this bitching and moaning about how broken you are is the biggest boner shredder since Roseanne Barr sang the national anthem. (and even that gave me a half chub).
I wish Anonymous had indicated whether or not their PTSD is legitimate (military combat related) or not. There are all sorts of support groups and mental health services for combat veterans out there. But seeing as just about anyone who has had something bad happen in their lives likes to claim PTSD it's hard to make appropriate suggestions.
PTSD, bi-polar, you name it. Pick your fake ailment and wear it on your sleeve. Let it be your identity. Make sure it's the first thing people know about you. It's so appealing to the opposite sex. I promise.

Oh I see, privileged country = PTSD doesn't exist. I can totally see how these two things are related.

Maybe the girls you've been dating were just desperate for any excuse to get away from you? I mean, not that you don't sound like a total winner or anything.
OMG, how you could demean women by diminishing their woeful tales of PTSD down to simply being an excuse to get out of a date?!

Oh I see, need an excuse to be selfish = claim PTSD. Thanks for validating my point.
Well. I bet anonymous is one of those people that calls things "retarded".

Also, "Hi, nice shoes. I have PTSD."
I'm not saying that people don't fake mental illness (especially that fashionable OCD, dear GOD) - just that it doesn't negate the existence of said illnesses. I'd be willing to bet that most people who actually have PTSD don't advertise it.

Oh, and that you're a sexist and presumptuous little fuck.
Disastronaut - is legitimate PTSD anything like legitimate rape?

Do you get one from the other?
Jesus Christ you fucking civilians suck balls.

OK - so, virtually all of my friends are veterans, and virtually all of them are dealing with different types of PTSD. It also kills me when people joke about PTSD, sometimes I want to choke them or stab them.

There are actual cures for PTSD - legit ones. Then there are treatments too. A treatment is going to require long term participation; whereas a cure usually cost money.

I know there are multiple groups here in Portland that specialize in PTSD treatment and cures, and I've met combat veterans (and survivors of sexual assault, rape, MST) that swear by this method or that method, but I swear no two people swear by the same method.

If you think you need treatment then *you need to seek treatment.* Just Google it and start making appointments.

I smoke pot and my friends are my support group, that works for me. Maybe if you're a disgruntled veteran you would like my support group, and you can track me down or drop an email address somewhere for me to contact you. If you do not have a support group of people who suffer from PTSD, you can find several in Portland.
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Why do you other trolls know so many personal details about one another?

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