To the Receiver


Can i have your number?
Brett Farve? Is that you?
So you send someone a picture of your junk and rather than immediately explaining it to the person and throwing yourself on their mercy, you write a post on I,Anonymous? I hope it was your boss.
it appears that i'm in the extreme minority in that i've never pointed a camera at my crotch.

i'm kind of proud of that fact, actually.

all the same, it's one of my new year's resolutions to quit being such a boring loser. (though no one has ever come right out and said it, i'm pretty sure that i've lost a couple of girlfriends over the years by failing to regularly send shots of my monkey peering out from the jungle.) i'll keep you guys posted.

it won't be happening for at least a few days, though, as i haven't been to the barber in some time (the aforementioned jungle) -- you better believe that when the time does come, my shit is going to be trimmed and styled and tanned and all shiny and shit. and i'll have some bling happening, too. and a text bubble saying "Sup?!"...then i'll get all the bitches.
Good for you in training. Believe it or not, some ladies like a good junk picture! (As long as its not the example that I,A posted) "Sup?!" lmao That is exactly what we want to read.
It's surprisingly hard to take a good junk picture. Get the angle wrong, and it looks like it's ON THE ATTACK. Plus foreshortening is never flattering.
Human In Training- Dont forget to tell 'em you were name-dropped in 2012's hottest rap track. Guaranteed panty-dropper!
@ iceprez:

i've already put that on my resumé, believe you me. whenever i have a lady over, i sneak your track in between the Barry White and John Mayer.