To the Guy Who Pees on the Toilet Seat


I think you're having way too much fun with this guy's utensils and you don't want a reason to stop. That's why you posted it on I,A, rather then telling him directly.
You sound like one of those entitled types who was born with a silver spoon up your ass.
My place is just the opposite where the right thing is to make sure the seat is down.

The ass-flavored fork does sound intriguing.
At home, yes, the toilet seat should be returned to a lowered position in the name of domestic harmony.

In an office/bar/restaurant with a shared toilet, women should either: put the seat up after they have finished their business OR not bitch about the urine-covered seat because some guy is too lazy or too drunk to bother.

One small flick of a toe, ladies, would improve life for all of womankind.
Does your office have a urinal? Ours has two, and the weirdos in the office still ALWAYS go to the stall to piss. come on man, high school's over, whip your dick out next to another dude like it's no big deal.
He won't know this is about him because this could be any office on the planet. You might as well be bitching about a skanky, overflowing office fridge.
Hey guys, look! I may have accidentally found Blabby trolling KGW too:

His favorites list includes: Lars Larson & Newt Gingrich.
Not me, I'm afraid. Newt Gingrich and Lars Larson can eat a dick.

But I do share his support for Joel Pryzbilla, the Vanilla Gorilla.
If you know who is pissing one yr seat then you need to confront them directly. Bitching about it here isn't going to solve anything.

And yes, ladies, start sitting down on the seat or lift it up before you hover. Some of us are drunk/naive/lazy enough to sit on the seat before looking and it really sucks to sit in yr piss.