To the Jerks Who Dumped Your Dog in 1996


Oh wow. This is ever so touching, I guess.
Good for you, but forchrissake don't drive up to Council Crest again.
Also, I was really hoping from the title that this one had to do with time travel.
Aww...Anon, you're a very good person! I'm very sorry you had to put your dog down. I'm sure the jerkoff who dumped their dog is miserable and lonely and it's not worth your time even thinking about them.
that was a very cool thing you did for that dog!!!!!!!
I put my 14yr old shelty down right before the new year. Had her her entire life. It completely gutted me. You did a great thing being such a great companion when this dog's original owner failed them. I'm so sorry for your loss.
You did a very nice thing. No point in still being angry at them
Look, you could have gotten rid of the dog 16 years ago, had you wanted.
I realize that your emotions are fucking with you over grief, but don't go bitching about taking on the responsibility now - 16 years later, and expect a merit badge.
You had 16 years with a great dog. Focus on that.
I should have said too, that I'm sorry for your loss.
I can't even be in the room when I've had to put down a couple of my animals in the past.