Isn't that her employees are bitches.

I didn't come here for myself. I know my limits and expectation in a place like this, and I was merely here for support. (no puns intended) I know to keep my hands to myself when browsing. I also know that fitting an A cup personality like myself, is a waste of fucking time. I didn't ask you to fit my breasts for a bra, because I don’t need to fucking wear one 99% of the time. Said that, you’re “oh, let me see if I can find a bra to work for you” comment was fucking rude, considering I declined your prying invite to take my coat off in the first place.

There was a reason I told you no, when you suggested that Victoria can fit anyone. Because, no she cannot! I wanted to three stooges your jugular when you replied with “oh” while looking at me like, “well what the fuck do I do now?” I can appreciated that you have sympathy because my boobs are small, and I appreciate you thinking before my coat came off that I was a candidate for breast cancer. What I do not appreciate is your “she’s obviously not a breast fed baby” response to your co-worker in your headset after I walked away. I was standing right next to her, as she put the bra back on the rack with her sly “I’ll put it back, formula babies are the worst” come back.

Just for the record, I bought that bra online for special occasions, and it fits like a fucking glove!