Okay I get it, you are a Christian and love Jesus. Actually its all you ever talk about, post about, or even think about as far as I can tell. Your my family and I love you but I have told you over and over that I do not share your religious beliefs. I am not in any way disrespectful about it, and I certainly don't rub it in anyone else's face every time I get a chance. Unlike you I care about people no matter what religion, color, sex, or creed. I just wish that I could get others like you to realize that I am not a bad person just because I don't choose to talk about Jesus every two seconds. Everything is just fine as long as I don't mention my own opinion but the second I bring up anything contrary to your own beliefs I am the enemy and you completely stop talking to me. I just don't understand why you are entitled to shove your beliefs down people's throats but I'm not allowed to even have my own opinion. I wish I had family that accepted me for who I am and not just for what they assume I should be.