The Spirit of Weirdness Past


Once you've been mocked by tweakers, there's nowhere left to go but up!
What a coincidence! I've been writing a musical about a gang war and doomed love affair involving tweakers and furries, WEST SIDE FURRY.
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Ugh shut the fuck up with your bullshit concerns about what qualifies as "Portland Weird". Go to NYC or SF or any other city with a population above ours for weird. This town is so full of its own hype.
"""This town is so full of its own hype."""
~~~>GREAT LINE! Nailed it!
Oh lawdy, Todd for letter of the week, again please! Sooooo funny. So fucking funny. Haw fucking haw haw.
Portland isn't a concept it's a city.
....sort of.
SO you paid for transportation and entertainment, Great!!!
Pics or it didn't happen!
Real question for you locals: do any of you feel that the number, or at least visibility, of... um... "marginal" people of all types has gone up in the last year or so?

This is a sincere question. It seems that way to me, and I'm wondering why it is happening now, instead of four years ago in the depths of the recession.

I work downtown, and homeless people have always been here of course, but it seems increasingly worse in just the last year or so. And I've seen multiple situations on the MAX recently after going years seeing very few.
@Blabby yes, it just means more freaks moved here. The grand experiment is at hand sir.
Blabby - I wouldn't be surprised if it had to do with Occupy PDX. We showed them that we would support their drug addiction, alcoholism and squatting in a misguided attempt to give them representation.

Personally I feel that they SHOULD be represented, but they SHOULDN'T be representing the rest of the "99%". They were by far the loudest and most visible group at occupy. And the drunkest. And the most violent.
Ohmygod, almost missed an opportunity here!

AI M - You are incorrect. Arenit has never nailed a thing in his life.

....especially not a woman. :D
Interesting point, Bell Trolls. The timing would be about right.

The olden-timers swear that when the Rajneeshis brought in a bunch of homeless people to Eastern Oregon to stack a local election, and then sent them away, that brought a major wave of new homeless to Portland. (Any of you who haven't read up on the history of the Rajneeshis in the 80's should check it out. It is a bizarre bit of Oregon history.)

SS, "the grand experiment is at hand" feels about right. Feels like its building towards some sort of shift in the conversation, but could just be me.

My MAX stop is by the Panera Cares in Hollywood, and the change in MAX/foot traffic at that station has been something to behold.
Yeah the visibility of all these problem people is a real issue for me. Can't more of them just become invisible again?
Searing insights here from the usual crowd who have zero to say except disapproval about people in their city who are unfit for their gaze.
And by "searing insights" I mean tenth-rate attempts at social science observation based only on their own prejudices.

Blabby: Thanks for the history lesson but you misspelled the very thing you're clumsily trying to make some insane point about (Rajneeshees). Seriously, that's the most batshit crazy theory of the cause of homelessness in Portland that I've ever heard. You actually think that many of them have been hanging around ever since a guru brought them here 3 decades ago?

Showstopper: such a keen observation about the "freaks."
I've lately become concerned about this pressing issue of freakishness, which is highly correlated to being poor and gross. I'm also concerned about the freakishly vain who post shirtless self-shot pics on the internet.
geyser, I didn't say I wanted them to be invisible. I was just wondering if other people thought there are more marginalized people in the city lately. Seems like something people would want to know regardless of their feelings towards those people.

Why the fuck would I know how to spell Rajneeshees? I didn't want to look it up. Frankly, I'm surprised I got as close as I did.

I wasn't saying that they caused homelessness. I'm saying that they brought in hundreds of homeless people from across the nation (which is a fact) and after the election, pretty much just told them to leave the commune. Without bus passes or much to return to, many ended up in Portland, being the nearest city of size with infrastructure for homeless people.

Last but not least, shut it.
Geyser, its ok if you don't take every comment or issue with deadly seriousness. Oh, and go ride the #14, its the best. Now try and unwind a little, ok buddy?
Ongoing malappropriation of that catchphrase as a pretext for reactionary tirades about drunks, homeless, drug addicts, public transportation, teenagers, social services, hairstyles, antisocial behaviour, teen pregnancy, gang bangers et al, which are more or less defining characteristics of any city in the world (except Singapore, where they execute you for vagrancy)

Is fucking tedious.

Build a bridge, get over it.

And porco dio spare me any hackneyed "zinger" about the CRC.
Blabby I've noticed a deterioration of the Hollywood core in general. It seems like a ghost town of deserted store fronts. I had a smash-and-grab theft not two blocks from Trader Joe's in broad daylight.