"a very successful video producer"

Probably your first clue.
Met someone who was a "successful artist" that turned out to be a part-time bartender and full-time coke dealer.

Fucking hipsters.
Weed selling is so freakin' easy. Did it for a couple years in high school. And yes, the second I quit my phone stopped ringing. Told my mom I had a job at a pizza place, which was sorta true. I sold tons of weed to the guys that worked there.
See? These people are really good at selling drugs. It's their calling. If we legalize drugs, they can get legit jobs doing what they love! Sure they'll be making a salary that's far closer to minimum wage. But they'll be giving back to society and being productive citizens! Just like all those people pumping gas.
If you think being associated with some random weed pusher has 'blacklisted' you from Portland then you REALLY need to widen your social circle.

And why is it sad that he was enthusiastic sharing his video hobby with you? What's a relationship without a mutual interest in each other's hobbies/livelihoods? I've dated women who were ecstatic to show me their newest necklace they got off Etsy or their newest scarf they made. I didn't find it sad, I found it kinda cool they had so much passion in a town where being blase about everything is the norm.
You should've thought about all that before you decided to fuck a drug dealer, lady. Maybe next time your ass will think.
picky bitches
We all live in fantasy worlds to some extent.
Ah Portland.