Dear Bitch from Junior High


That's some serious baggage there. Who the fuck cares about what happened all the way back in high school, let alone junior high?

You have some serious issues.
Holy shit, you really think you 'won'? Look at how bitter you are. Who cares where she gets her hair cut? And you may think her downtown apartment is 'shitty' but not everyone enjoys living in a house in the burbs. You come off as so comedically ugly here, nitpicking everything from her hair color to working for a mutual friend to bragging about traveling through Europe (omg can I get your autograph?!)

You can declare victory all you want, but you still look like a loser from where I'm sitting.
Am I reading Mean Girls: Grown Up or something?
I think the previous guys kinda beat me to it, but I would question whether you really 'won' by the tone of your writing.
We all still want to bone her, cruddy apartment and all.

Also, you forgot to mention how fat you got.
yep, sounds like you are the nasty piece of shit, IA. And I bet she isn't spending her time thinking (or writing) about you.

Good job though Hubby! Hope you get to experience the romance of this well-cultured, Europe-experienced wife as a reward tonight.
Well clearly no one here's been bullied....



I was shot in the leg by a troubled and/or evil individual at about that age. I don't wish her ill but I'm not running her fan club either. And I still have that fucking BB. Anon's bitterness is OK by me.
Uppity bitch.
I'll bet you Facebook stalk her almost everyday. tchssssssss.
You traveled around Europe, I, A? That's nice. I live here. You may now kiss my ring and bow to me.
If you live in Europe, why the hell do you still read this rag?
@iloveanonymous-I read it because I can catch up on what all the people back home in Portland are doing. I do miss the place from time to time, and my friends back there as well. The Czech Republic is a fine place, but it's always nice to keep up with what transpires in Portland; I lived there for 20 years, after all. This year will mark my 12th year out of the really doesn't seem that long sometimes.
Meh I guess. I lived overseas for a while too but found better things to occupy my time with.
Wow. In your 30's now and STILL a 13 year old petty, stuck-up cuntbag. And CLASSIST too!

Btw, stalking or looking up people you hadn't heard from since junior fucking high just so you can compare their life to yours... all that by sheer definition makes you a LOSER!
I'm not sure any of us should be calling anyone else losers to be honest. Look at what we're doing with our free time.
I'm kind of curious as to what happened in junior high between these two.
Sociopath_ You're doing it right!
"I'm not sure any of us should be calling anyone else losers to be honest. Look at what we're doing with our free time."

HEY! I'm busy all day, see. I only have, like, an hour of free time late at night. Be lucky i can parse acouple of minutes for YOU people.
And for the last time, Europe is not a country you hicks