I Am Being Tortured with Microwave/EMP Weapons


Crazy people don't know they're crazy. Example ^^^^^^^^
Its a sad world when a citizen who describes a form of harassment, that most people cannot wrap their brain around, that said citizen is deemed nuts. Condemnation without investigation, is the height of ignorance. Quit being lazy and help this person, if you have the ability. If you are rich and need a new hobby, here it is ! Give him/her a way to contact you.
Django could be right. The government or some other clandestine organization may be attacking this poor fellow with some sort of focused ray gun. We should be sympathetic because we may be next.

Or.........this poor sap has a horrible case of gonorrhea that has gone untreated for an extend period of time. AND he's crazy.
We would never treat anything like a joke here.
Your favorite part of the day doesn't happen to be when 'Coast to Coast AM' is on, does it?

Anyway, cocaine. Cocaine contains a natural EMP mitigator. One rail every couple of hours'll do the trick.
Django, How would you "investigate" this claim? That's the benchmark of craziness (and faith)- it's unfalsifiable.
Don't forget the "chemtrails".
why would you ask me, or the poster how to investigate this? does that make any sense? and once again, since im not a P.I. or with law enforcement, im crazy? or the poster is crazy?
Is this about Fluoridation?
Don't fall asleep listening to "Coast to Coast". That shit will fuck with your dreams.
We won't treat it like it's a joke; we'll treat it like it's a creative writing assignment that -yet again- the author just couldn't fucking pull off.
Here's some help: SPF 50.
Crazy... or Trolling...?
the people using the term crazy and trolling on here are most likely somehow involved in the harassment. why else would anyone take that stance, 1st hand? thats like if i said, hey, i saw a ufo. and im instantly put in prison for the insane. ugh. if i can help here is my email. portland.stuff at hush dot com
We have all been handed a shovel in order to dig our own graves. You could very well be an individual target, but with all the cell phone towers everywhere, you might just be hypersensitive to that radiation. Then there is the utility agencies using radio monitoring devices at everybody's home. Throw away your cell phone for starters and see if you notice any improvement.
I know exactly how you feel anonymous. I can't walk up the street without some secret soldier dressed as an elderly person smiling at me and emitting their secret bioweapons in my general direction, trying to spread their latest influenza virus destined on bringing the youth of the country to our knees as we congestedly cough and are unable to perform the most basic functions of our everyday life. And don't even try exposing them for what they are, that's when they bust out the lasers....
Thorazine. Its awesome