Newsflash: Stoplights are for Cars....


It's legal for a car to drive through a yellow light.
Not when Doc Martin's in town, Blabby! Or even his more proper colleague, Dr. Martens!
You 'da MAN!!! Way to fucking GO!!! Nothing pisses off those dumb fucks more than informing them that they drive like Californians, which invariably, they are. Right ON!!!
Anyone got a schematic for a pocket sized EMP blaster? I want to fry the car electronics of every asshole driver such as illustrated in the above example. Footprints can be traced back to the footwear of the pedestrian and concealed carry of pellet guns with which to shoot out tail lights are as frowned upon as firearms.
Ugh, I lived on 34th and Powell for a year and a half and it's flippin' scary in the AM!! No one stops for people in the cross walks or slows down when you're cycling. Sorry dude. People sometimes suck.
why were you on foot crossing against a red light? Or do lights here in Oregone work in a different way, so that they are all yellow or green at the same time?
Yes, by all means, report this person. You can take your kid to court with you when you in turn are charged with Assault III and Destruction of Propery
I love that crosswalk at the 60th street MAX station. The one with all the strobe lights? It also warns you in a loud voice that cars might not stop, even though they are required by law, and that you are pretty much taking your life in your own hands attempting to use the protected crosswalk.
I've noticed cars turning left through busy intersections tend to run the most reds. The light turns red and three more cars will attempt to blast through the intersection; pedestrians be dammed.
Wow! So edgy! (lol)
The light was yellow not red. This means you did not have a walk sign. Apparently this needs to be explained to you. For your own safety, do not cross the street until the little white walking man appears on the light ahead of you. If the orange hand with a slash through it is on the light, then you should not walk.
The "Little White Man" isn't a magical sigil that keeps you from getting ran over. You should definitely wait for the stale yellow and red runners to clear the intersection before attempting to cross, regardless or what whitey tells you.
I was pulled over for driving through a yellow light at 39th and Powell last summer. The officer didn't give me a ticket, but he told that you're actually supposed to stop as soon as the light turns yellow, unless that would require so much braking that it would be unsafe. I'm too lazy to Google to see if he was correct. I have not started stopping at yellow lights.
Dimitri - You're correct. I should have provided more detailed instructions considering the recipient!
Reymont: The officer was indeed correct, you are supposed to stop at yellow lights unless you are unable to do so safely. "If a driver cannot stop in safety, the driver may drive cautiously through the intersection." (ORS 811.260) So if you want to blast through yellows just go 10 or so miles over the speed limit at all times, thereby virtually guaranteeing a safe stop will be next to impossible.
Oooohhhh, gonna call the the Ins company just how anyway? Oh wait, they put that info on License plates now, right?
And if you were somehow to get into contact with them, they'd be billing your stupid ass for kicking the car.
Let me get this straight, if a vehicle is cruising down the road at speed it is of good judgement and proper law for a person to step out into the crosswalk in front of speeding car to let it kill you?
Why do I feel like I'm the only person in the world that understands it's not reasonable to smash shit up just because someone aggravates you. I hope next time your stupid ass gets tossed in jail.