Get Help or Confess


Likes the abuse? Hmm, it may be possible.
My aunt was kind of like this. She's been married four times (all abusers), and has three children all from different fathers. At least we knew she was doing it for fun and profit, as she scored multiple houses and alimony/child support for all her troubles. I'd watch her intentionally say and do shit just to get her husband riled up to the point of violence.

The person here sounds like they might just like abusive relationships, or at least guys with that sort of temperament. I know they exist but it's always disturbing to know women can be into that kind of thing.
I've known women who enjoy these situations. Sometimes I feel they like the abuse, other times it seems more like they enjoy being the victim and being showered with attention and concern. Many of these women also have rape fetish, strangulation fetish, etc.

In short, bitches be crazy.
I don't believe you hate to say it, I imagine you enjoy the soapbox to be smug while you don't say this to her face. How is this helpful? Feeding stereotypes about women asking for it with this almost-generic tale? Punishing this woman for her self-destructiveness with an anonymous shaming? Maybe discouraging some abused women from going to get counseling because that counselor might be flawed?

It's frustrating to have a friend (presuming she is your friend, exists, and this scenario is as you paint it) who won't be helped, but I can't think of a single good that can come out of your posting this, all I've seen is men posting "hm, yes, women are like this"/"bitches be crazy" all day. Yeah, fuck you too, guys. Never have daughters.

I,A editor(s) really make some poor choices who not to filter out....why am I surprised?
@ xauen --

While i'm with you on most of what you wrote, i'm surprised at your last line: You mean like some good 'ol censorship?

Though i would argue that pretty much any censorship anywhere is unnecessary and wrong, i can see where *maybe* it could be dubbed to be "in the greater public's best interest" in certain situations/forums, but is this really one of them?

What else should the editors of The Mercury save us from tainting our eyes and minds with?
Censorship? Ye gads! We definitely must be subjected to any and all sorts of inane imbecility in every forum, lest we lose our freedoms. You know who else hated bullshit anonymous internet posts and their associated comment pages? Hitler, thats who!
E_H you know him was almost killed twice in the same day but some future space continuum stopped the action /procedure? Who is this wickily dadoo do you ask?!
@ Leaky: I know, right?!!

@ Eoin Howe: I know, right?!!

(But, yes, i am of the belief that thrusting any amount of censorship upon this blog would be tantamount to ethnic cleansing.)
Hopefully she's into playing the perpetual victim and not the physical violence. Then again, it's her life and her choice.
At least we can sit here and realize there are two people involved in abuse and its not just a guy beating the crap out of a woman because he gets too angry.
Sadly women do get trapped in a cycle of abuse. That does not excuse the abuser, even if she 'pushes his buttons' it is not ok to beat up a woman! The victim blaming here is disgusting. There's two sides to abuse? Wow, you are a horrible, pathetic, sad excuse for a human. You make me ill
You guys know a few forms of speech aren't protected, right? Anonymous should be; threats and libel, or incitement to violence, are not (remember Clifton's kerfluffle). I'm pretty sure that plenty of these are printed purely for lowest common denominator shit-stirring purposes...okay, it's kind of silly to assume that isn't one of the primary purposes of this entire blog.
I'm pretty sure btw that pointing out that the "battle of the sexes" is 100x as tired as the bicycle posts is not a call for censorship (but yeah, keep calling that censorship, when editors choose what to print based on any non sociopathic criteria whatsoever). Nobody's stopping the worst turds from joining blogspot or something.