Fat and Bitter


That's right, fatty. You have an inferiority complex. At least, sez the girl that had foreign objects stuffed inside her that make her boobs look stupid and, from a tactile perspective, feel even more stupid.
Shit like this is exactly why I have to tread carefully if I mention any of my exercise focused hobbies, lest I be lumped in with self-aggrandizing douche canoes like you.

"You like being fat? Awesome, I don't give a shit." You sure as hell sound like you do.
THIS^^^^ IS FUCKING AWESOME! I would motorboat your fakies! I,A you rule babe! ("It is NOT normal to have a yeast infection ALL THE TIME. Got to a doctor, you fucking stink.") lmao hahahaha hands down this is fucking funny!
Fat people DO often smell bad, though. Thanks IA for drawing much needed attention to this.
She's been macarooned on a dessert island.
It has been drawn to my attention while I frequent the night life, park life, and beach leisure time, that particularly man who go there and are successful (in the real word of the meaning), fun and worry free prefer a nice fat booty rather than fake boobs, 95% of the time. So you're stuck with the dumb, idiotic bunch.

It has been drawn to my attention too that they prefer a well educated and a well read woman, rather than a shit mouth who exercises all the time. Most likely to compensate God knows what.

Last but not least, you directed this I,A to somebody who might read this column, yes, it's totally idiocracy of you, remind me why somebody would want to be your friend while you swallow the above observations, with style please.
In shape, fake boobs and doesn't take shit from fatties?

Big Girls Don't Cry. (they don't cryyy-yi-yiiii)
Just going to put this out there: a person with fake boobs and obsessive exercise regimen doesn't get to comment on anyone else's body image issues.

But while we're rubbing our "superior" bodies in each other's faces, I eat fried chicken two or three times a week (as well as whatever else I want) and I'm still underweight. So suck it. My metabolism is better than yours.

Oh, did that seem like a totally bitchy overreaction? Weird...
IAnon might not be the most tactful writer, but her main point is that this co-worker directly talks shit about IAnon (and likely others) in their shared work environment.

Plus, she expresses her sincere concern for her co-worker's health, specifically the co-worker's orifices.

Bravo, IAnon!.
Yep, she talks shit about you because you have fake boobs and an exercise regime. There is no way she is talks shit about you because you are a self-centered, bathroom trip counting, bitch.
Girls with fake tits are crazier than I can handle.

But, I'm willing to impartially judge your tits against the fatty's tits if it makes you feel better.

I work for beer.
What's with the creepy bathroom timing? And guess what?! Some dudes like curvy girls. With real boobs. For all we know you could look like a piece of beef jerky with big tits and lipgloss.

But the point is if you're SO SECURE with how hot you are, why do you have to hate? Because you're an insecure bitch. All the girls I've ever known who have fake boobs have SERIOUS body issues.

I'll stick to being comfortably medium sized.
Some guys like women who take care of themselves as well. And as we all know, "curvy" and "full figured" is just code for overweight.

I'll choose a chick with a healthy diet and exercise regiment with fake tits - or even no tits for that matter - over some muffin-topped walking garbage disposal any day. There's nothing more sexy than a woman who's in shape.
No, curvy means tits and ass. Little in the middle but she got much back.

Chubby or fat is fat. And yeah, some dudes LOVE fat chicks.
Men also sometimes like women to take dumps on their faces and stomp on their nuts, so I guess being into fat chicks isn't all that abnormal, all things considered.
curvy girls are sexy as hell. fake tits are kinda lame.

yeast infections. are. fucking. NASTY
"And as we all know, "curvy" and "full figured" is just code for overweight."

Clearly, YOU are an average White male who does NOT like ass. Or shapely women in general.
I was going to call Anon out for not saying this to her co-worker's face, but then I realized Anon is probably worried about getting sat on by a 400 pound woman with bowel and vaginal issues. So carry on.
1st guy: "I feel fat."
2nd guy: "You look fine. Let's go for a beer."
1st guy: "Sure. Btw, I really like your fake boobs."
2nd guy: "Thanks man."

Why are women such bitches to each other?
Women hate on each other because we were brought up in a culture that encourages it. Ever read Cosmo? It's toxic, but deeply implanted (PUN!). But I'm not about to start feminism 101 on the IA blog. I'd probably have to hide in an imaginary internet bunker on that one.
Will no one step up to defend yeast infections?
RB - No. I only defend ticket scalpers.
"I've never heard/seen someone shit so much in my life"

Um -- ewww. What are you doing, staking out the restroom so you can count the fat chick's daily shits?
women are catty because femininity is an illusion and women compete against each other to be the best at it.
If she ate like a Hobbit she would probably lose weight. You see Hobbits are very small and don't actually each very much food. Maybe you meant Mountain Troll or Orc, they both eat and weigh much more than a Hobbit.
Girl, first off, your fake boobs are nasty. Get them out of my face. Second, if the best you can bring is your buffness, bring it someplace else. I'll take someone NICE, or smart, or kind, or loving, or sensitive, or just about any of the other things that you are clearly not.

If you want people to stop talking trash about you try being nice for a change instead of a self-obsessed douche bag with an unearned superiority complex. Oh, and try some audio books while on your jog and build up the only muscle most guys raelly give a damn about, YOUR BRAIN.