Thanks for Wasting My Time


Sounds like you wasted their time as well. If you could find the same job for over twice as much pay then it sounds like they did you a favor by going with a better qualified candidate.
I,A ^^ wouldnt have known that, unless they told him/her what the hiring wage is, and he/she had to wait to get this info.. so how did I,A waste their time exactly?
If you don't want it I'll take it.
I think you messed up right off the bat by not making your salary requirements clearly known prior to the first interview. You and the employer would have instantly known that it wasn't going to work and no one's time would have been wasted.

@iceprez "will work for peanuts" ≠ "better qualified candidate". I don't get that last bit.
Good lawdy, not this letter again.

It's an employer's market. And if .05c over min wage is such a "go fuck yourself" wage, why'd you go so far as a 3rd interview? Nobody owes you anything. I know you've been told your whole life that your bullshit college degree is the pathway to bajillions of dollars but hey, guess what? You were lied to. Welcome to 2013, good luck sir.
Arenit "And if .05c over min wage is such a "go fuck yourself" wage, why'd you go so far as a 3rd interview?"

Anon "...thanks for waiting until the third interview to answer my questions on salary and benefits".

Sounds pretty clear that they didn't tell Anon how much the job paid until the third interview to me, or is that too obvious?
Dimitri: nice Anon submission. Hope you find a job soon.
This is a perfectly valid I,A. The employer was jerking them around. There shouldn't be three interviews for a position at that level in the first place.
They should've spelled out the pay level far sooner, just as with the part-time job I was offered some years ago they should've mentioned far sooner that by part-time they meant four (4) (yes, 1+1+1+1) hours per week. What+the+fuck.
Dimitri- If I,A didn't get hired then yes, the job went to a better qualified person. Being a good fit for a job goes beyond what your résumé says. Sometimes it's as simple as being willing to work for less. Granted, it sucks. But it is also an employers market these days.
People get desperate and take any job just to stay in the game. Like how contractors will bid so low as to barely have enough to cover materials, equipment and gas money. It sets a horrible precedence that employers and clients will try to exploit whenever possible. This just leads to poorly-built houses and horribly-designed computer networks that are in constant need of repair and maintenance. Things that could have been avoided in the first place had the job not gone to the absolute lowest bidder.

You get what you pay for.
If you lack the creativity/skills to start your own business, then wait in line with the rest of the poor chumps.
I,A, you could have done everyone a favor and posted the name of the company jerking you around, so that other applicants could steer clear.

Don't be upset though, obviously this company isn't worth working for, at least they proved it during the 3rd interview. I haven't been on the job market for several years, but I would think salary would be a 2nd interview question.

As of today at about 3pm today, there were nearly 450 jobs posted on Craigslist, and about 100 resumes.
The pay grade needs to be raised. I haven't seen employers in Oregon raise any of their entry and even non entry level position hiring rates in the last TEN YEARS. People need to make enough to live on. I work two jobs. one full, the other part time and I'm still not exactly back in black.
And I have a degree. Portland employers are pretty mercenary.
Three interviews? They were only picking your brain because they already fired the smart people who knew what to do. I just spell it out up front, that I require a retainer before granting a consultation.
I've also noticed some employers, not in Portland that I know of, "testing the market" by posting jobs online to see what they get without real intention of hiring.

False hope is a mean thing to do.
“I think you messed up right off the bat by not making your salary requirements clearly known prior to the first interview.”

Prior to the first interview? Um NO! who does that? I,A has a Bachelor's, some think the degree is worth a shit, but it does get you paid when you apply for a qualified position. Had I,A come running out of the gate screaming 50k, and the employer was willing to pay 60k, then I,A has clearly cut him/herself short. It is the employers job to say wage; it is the interviewer’s job to negotiate wage.