Can You Just Do Single Girls a Solid?


You sound SO totally OVER this douchebag, for fuck sakes!! You ain't no "hollaback girl" like them other drama BITCHES. Would love to do you a SOLID if I thought you were a real person, for fuck sakes!
Even if he gets the divorce he's still gonna have the kids. I'd rather date a separated-but-still-married person with no kids than a single person with kids. Kids are such bullshit, they're the real baggage.
Children are the killer of dreams.

Just say no.
"Single girls will not give you the time of day."

Ha! Good one, IA. Marked right off the list with all the heavy drinkers, man children, emotionally unavailable users, and general asshats of Portland. Never getting ANY for the rest of their lives.

Yeah, right... uh huh.
i think if she sits in their front lawn long enough she might get a threesome, or a babysitting job so parents can finally have sex, since that's probably the reason for their split. You're cutting yourself short I,A!
What if it's "for the cat"?
I'm naming my band "Penis Shortage."
I love that hipsters despise children over anything else in the world. It makes complete sense that the most self centered people on earth would hate kids because kids are the number one killer of selfishness. Unless of course you want to be another emotionally distant self centered shit parent but please do us all a favor and never breed because we already went through this with the baby boomer generation.