I Said "Fuck You" to a Disabled Person Yesterday


It's fascinating how you only speak automatically, it raises important questions about determinism versus free will, and also whether or not you might just be an asshole.
Depending on the size of the scooter and the layout of the bus, she probably tries to board backwards so she can exit going forward.

And fuck you for the "nope".
Was someone with an Iphone or something recording this thing?
Sounds more like a lazy fat person than a disabled person.
Not that you didn't already know this but you suck at being a human being. Next time you find yourself waiting for the bus please step out in front of it or any other speeding vehicle for that matter.

That's a little harsh. I called the person a dick, but definitely don't want them to step out in front of a bus. Dying is not cool.
Econoline-that was my thought as well
You got it wrong, froyo. Dude ends up in a motorized wheelchair, has to use public transportation, and gets cussed out by douchebags when not boarding the bus quickly enough. Sounds fitting and ironic.
If you eat your way into immobility, I have little sympathy. That said, this particular situation isn't worth getting upset about. I,A pulled the trigger on the tension, making himself (gonna assume it was a guy) a target.
I had a disabled guy on a scooter back into on the max once. Morning commute headed into downtown, he got on at the Saturday Market stop. He was bull rushing his way onto a crowded train and I touched his back to let him know someone was there so he wouldn't run me over. This prompted an enraged "Who touched me?" from him. I said I did. I didn't want you running me over. He then proceeded to cuss me out and threaten me (stabbing) on a crowded train. After sustaining a decent amount of verbal abuse (loud enough for the entire MAX car to hear), I lost it and told him something in the neighborhood of, "Shut the fuck up, you crippled piece of shit. I will dump you in the Willamette river and watch you fucking bob up and down until you drown. You soiled sack of disappointment, lousy excuse for a human being." As you can imagine, the rest of the train ride to my stop at 10th street was quite awkward.
part confession, part self-loving asshole pride? best I,A in a while.

That said, plenty of handicapped people are dicks. I used to drive them around for a living. Perhaps some disabled folks think they got a bad shake, but that's no excuse to be crabby to me, the guy who has to stop what I'm doing, find your therapists office amidst a tangle of office hallways, hold the elevator for you, push you down the ramp, hold the chair as you slide into the front seat of my taxi... all while you're barking orders at me as if I can read your mind and predict your precise, specialized physical needs.

After folding your wheelchair and stuffing it into the trunk, I get to touch your seat pad-- which is stained with the crusty droppings of a thousand meals and smells like piss. Ick.
Okay, the 'nope' was rude but no way in hell does that excuse the yelling he received in return. Disabled people don't get to be excused from having manners just for being disabled. The person in the scooter was probably embarrassed, frustrated & holding on to anger from being truely mistreated in the past and took it out on this guy. Id say they both should be ashamed of their behaviour.