I Should Have Kicked Your Driver Door


What the fuck is a limey? Gah, don't make me Google your stupid words, use common slang only, please.
You're certain that he wasn't a mick?
how sad that you did not kick his driver door. however, you seem to still be in possession of your blood, jawline, and self-defeat.
"I should have kicked your driver door.." waaah!!!! Kick the fucking door. Punch his window to let him know that he is wrong. My favorite is to approach the car if they are stopped and start trying to open the doors. If you are drinking a can of soda throw it at his car. At minimum yell at him.

Sorry, I get a little carried away. I'm sure your angry glare will remind him to be more cautious when he is driving.
Fact: Audis really appeal to the "angry micropenis" set