Pissed at the Couple, Not the Gay.


Why don't you channel your hatred into something a bit more productive and leave happy people alone. They probably didn't think you were a gay hater, they probably thought you were nuts for glaring at complete strangers you come across on the street.
I wonder if your attitude might have a little something to do with you being "forever alone". Envy and self-loathing is a toxic combination that people can smell from a mile away. No one is ever going to be interested in you until you knock that shit off.
I've had those "I hate you, but not for the reason you think" moments too. There's no good way to express it. Including here.
I wouldn't try this on a llama, it'll spit in your eye.
Noit thee gay+ wildin out on wildvines+ stuffy lil bitchsnickers. This Is Why I Vote.

Who are these Supperyuppies?

Oh yea lil crunts.
So we can just revisit 98 and kick in teeth? Beat em in the back of La Luna/Pine St.?Whogivesafuck and stomp around cause we do not net fine pussy/dick. Sex failure is just something that happens to sensitive reversed outward wads. (Gulp) Maybe get sexy?

Or pretend online.
Why don't you just off yourself and get it over with?
I'm guessing you enjoy abuse then, anonie?
I think you hated on the gay couple because they were a couple. And seperately I think you hated on the gay couple because they were gay.
I think you found room in your heart to hate them both ways. But if it makes you feel better that you also hated them for being a couple knock yourself out. Thats you propping yourself for having a shred of humanity or being open minded.
Im sure those gay guys giggled into their beards at you.
I think you just need to get laid.
Especially if this has been bothering you for a few weeks. "So the other week"
Let's double up the dosage on the Lithium, m-kay?
"I'm not a homophobic asshole, I just hate your same-sex relationship that you had the gall to shove in my pathetic single face while just minding your own business walking down the street"...
lol seriously?