Developmental Disability


You're just as ignorant as the neighbors on Division. Welcome to living in a growing city. Keep fighting change all you want, the inevitable will still happen.

All this sympathy I'm supposed to have for your precious parking spaces.. nope.
Bothered by a catheter wrapper, eh? Your car is the real problem.
You have some real points with the zoning loopholes that allow residential development with no parking. But you lose them, and more, with your bullshit passive aggressive "soooooo great" and "Thanks!". Makes me want to be Seattle and push you 'til you cry.
NW Portland was already Bro'd out.
I saw a big vacant lot near 55th and Belmont this weekend. Don't have the money to do it, but I started picturing what I'd build there if I could. Great location, and it was big enough for some small retail on the ground floor with apartments on top. But I realized there was no street parking in the neighborhood, and it was too small for a parking lot, even if you cut out all the space for retail. So what's somebody supposed to do, there, except build more apartments with no parking? Glad it's not something I have to figure out...
Developers need to deal with the impacts of their projects. Shoving it onto the public space just pushes the costs to you and me. If developers are bringing people who WILL have cars, they need to make some accommodations for that, not the neighbors.
@Blabby - I agree. But out of curiosity, what would you do with this space?

It's about 8,500 square feet. You could do just one house, on a big lot, sure. But it's a great could probably build a handful of apartments in the same space, and maybe a couple of small storefronts? But only if you didn't build any parking. I wouldn't want to be that guy, but just one house would seem like a waste.
The most logical, but also a costly solution, is to build subterranean parking garages under these developments. PDC is starting to understand the impact of these no parking projects on the neighborhoods around them. They will decrease the value of the neighboring single and multi-family homes because of the lack of parking available to those residents. I'm all for encouraging more cycling, walking, and use of public transportation, but are all of the residents of these buildings really going to not own cars? I like progress, change is inevitable with a growing city, and this city needs more housing of all types due to the incredibly low vacancy rate, but we need to do it intelligently. Pushing that cost from developers that would have to pay for the parking garage at a loss to their profitability to homeowners in the area is not doing this intelligently.
why are they building dorms in NW?
I'm just glad I don't drive, as my roommates who do are now regularly late to work because of our neighbors in the new parking-free apartment complex have taken to parking in front of our driveway.

I will say though, they are HILARIOUSLY mystified when the tow truck shows up....
Justin, well put.

Reymont, you could probably do more than you might think on that site. The lot is bigger than the small apartment complex just to the east of it, which manages to have some parking and even a garage on site. I'm guessing that building might have 12 units or more. Another option is "tuck-under parking" where the building overhangs a row of cars. It its still more expensive then surface parking but less than doing a whole first floor of parking.

The house to the west of it is on the same lot, so it might be a pretty large development site someday.