For the Love of Apple, Where Is My iPod?


He wanted to say *something* to you (don't ask me why, read SEX AT DAWN) and that's all that came to mind.

He had no idea he'd be causing the Battle of Stalingrad of unsaid comebacks in your mind. He probably regretted, later, not thinking of something far more clever to say.

I'm not defending him. He was being a jerk, undeniably.
lol@"I was bike riding". Fucking adorable.

Also "As a rule, world, don't say something to a stranger on a bike!!"

Yeah, so welcome to Portland my dear. Some advice: The guy was probably trying to hit on you or at least start a conversation before your face got enraged and he took the hint to speed off. If you let every random comment (especially one so insignificant as this) get to you you're going to HATE riding a bike in this town. I don't know if you're just mad insecure and read into everything in the worst way, but if you're a 23 year old girl (especially if you're at all remotely cute) and you demand nobody talk to you or say anything to you while you ride... well, yeah, good luck with that.
And thus begin the Bike Warz.
Am I the only one who read this wondering until the last sentence what the iPod had to do with anything?
Hipster mating ritual at its finest, folks.
Portlanders with nothing to talk about talk about bikes instead of the weather.
You know, IAnon, your complaint could be a little more concise and focused.
Maybe you just expected the middle-aged man to hit on you and felt slighted when he neglected to do so?

Also, if "a bike is an extension of your cock" does that mean chicks who ride bicycles have dicks?
Later, another story about how this person thought a plastic statue of Ronald McDonald insulted them, somehow.