We Are Not Doing this Dance, Anymore.


I hear you, people think my friends are fake, just because they're inflatable.
You tell 'em. On the internet. Anonymously. Yeah!
I don't understand posting this kind of thing on I,Anonymous. If you can't tell him these things in person, then you didn't have much of a relationship.

You're hoping that he knows this is from you, intended for him, so it isn't anonymous anyway.

You're anonymous to us, but we don't give a shit about a very standard pedestrian break-up of total strangers.
Blabby, I agree... accept this person states "I meant it when I said..."

Bummer about falling for a turd. You're better off.
Maybe it's just that you have shitty, vacuous, pseudo-intellectual friends your soon-to-be ex can no longer pretend to tolerate on your behalf. And who hasn't dated someone that ended up having some highly incompatible friend baggage? Just off the top of my head I can think of a half dozen of my partner's friends I can't be in the same room with for more than five minutes without wanting to throttle them.
Maybe your relationships are doomed because instead of talking to the person, you vent to the internet. *lightbulb*
I would love to start a parody blog of all of these postings. There'd be a lot of inappropriate comma use and misuse of compound words.
Just in my experience for what it's worth (a mostly wonderful 23 year common-law relationship) if it comes down to YOU or his friends, you, ultimately, should win.

Not to say that he should be forced to choose between his friends and you in general, BUT...

If he doesn't defend you and/or dump them when they demean, insult, or otherwise make you feel like shit, then he is not that into you. DTMFA. Same for his family; if they treat you like shit and he tolerates it and expects you to, he is not worthy of your time or love.

You don't both have to agree on everything or everyone, but if there is a clear pattern of disregard for one another's feelings and a lack of respect, that's a bad sign.

Same goes for YOU with regards to YOUR social circle.