This is like a rap song that doesn't rhyme...
Once someone starts making unwanted contact with the lady bits it ceases to be harassment and graduates to sexual assault. Start filing charges like normal people do in these situations, or beating some ass, if this indeed has happened.
The bulldykes in this town are worse than the Gresham methed out rednecks. Does the "woman" with the flat top in the tank top really need to block the aisle with her cart so I (or the other guys) can't get by? Is this how "she" asserts her masculinity? Lol it's adorably pathetic. Chaz Bono lookin nightmare.
Dude does it, that's normal and expected, woman does it and you go crying to the internet?

You know what I like about lesbians? They can appreciate a rack without acting like a suckling baby going for its mommy's teat. Can't be said for most men.

Anyways, the whole boob fascination totally weirds me out.
^^ Simma' down on the manhate, feminist.
OMG, I feel for your girlfriend. I'm in her boat and I guess I've learned (but hate) that I "must" accept guys acting like total assholes re my tits, but some of the women (gay or straight, I don't know, maybe just drunk), who are much more aggressive with the uninvited touching. Icky. Rude. Enough to make me slap them in the throat.
Arenit - Again, feminists hate me. I just point out hypocrisy where I see it and this is another gender-related one. The truth is that my friends are 90% male. I find a lot of women are socially weird and don't really "get" me. So yeah, man hating not so much. I just think the double standard for boob lookin is weird.
Anonymous expressed surprise that lesbians act like straight men w/r/t his girlfriend's boobs. Because of this idea that lesbians "can appreciate a rack without acting like a suckling baby going for its mommy's teat. Can't be said for most men." Anonymous is surprised that this is false, and is correcting this popular misconception. There is no double standard here. All the boobie-freaks are "scumbags" according to Anonymous.
He was surprised, as in not expecting women to be as big of assholes as men. That would be the double standard.

He also didn't say anything about the lesbians' particular flavor of boobie freakdom, so he didn't correct shit. You can be a boobie freak without acting like the object of your desire is your actual biological mother. It's a nuance thing, but you don't have tits so I wouldn't expect you to get it.
I'm relieved that your girlfriend wasn't born with unnatural (or, even worse, supernatural) boobs.
You want to get off of tits? Simply watch a few minutes of footage shot during surgical procedures involving them -- it's absolutely disgusting. Boner-softening shit.

(Truth be told, though, it only took a few hours before i was back to drooling over Jennifer Love Hewitt's glorious cleavage...)
I have seen this happen on occasion. I always just assumed that they were not lesbians but drunk straight girls acting like assholes. On a side(boob) note, this has happened to my girlfriend before, and she is of regular bust size.