You Stole My Wallet


Ever hear of a padlock?'re exposing your idiocy, here, lady.
Sad to say but you can't trust anyone these days. Unless you live in Japan, lock up your stuff every time.

Sorry about your ID collection. I keep my old ones in my archives, especially the ones where I look like a thug.

On a side note, I'm pretty sure you misspelled "rifling" (to search vigorously) although it turns out that the word "riffling" exists (search quickly through something, especially so as to cause disorder). So I'll give you a pass.
Oh Todd, usually you're far too clever to resort to spelling corrections. That's a slippery slope my friend.
I happen to take an interest in vocabulary and definitions. So shrive me.
Wonderful things, locks.
Gawd, this sucks, but I agree - invest in a lock. It's a public gym, I presume? Hopefully lesson learned on your behalf and the karma bus hits this thief.
People are assholes!