Dear Bio Sperm Donor, I Can’t Stand You!


I'm confused. So the kid broke his arm three years ago? What's this 8 years ago, then five years later thing?
It's easier to find a safer dog sitter than baby sitter. Sucks. Poor kid. I hope your son fully heals and his mom stops being a jack-hole.
^^ that's probably when their relationship started, is what i gather.

This just sucks all the way around. Sucks for mom, who cant stop dad from taking son to daycare on dads days off. Sucks for the boy because he trusted them and probably loves the monkey bars, and fucking really sucks for the daycare's insurance if the parents insurance doesn't pick up the bill.
Keep it classy, parents.
Poor child. I can imagine. The whole fun of it is not to be able to touch the ground while monkeying on the monkey bars. I hope he heals.
Munch: nowhere does I,A say whether he/she is the mom or the dad.

You're assuming the good parent is the mom and the bad one is the dad.
Uh, Euphonius, the title is "Dear Bio Sperm Donor, I Can’t Stand You!" Unless Mom is the sperm donor, this was written by the mom.
Good catch... Do I,A writers provide their own titles?
this was clearly written by an egg!
The daycare folks let your kid play on, heaven forbid, dew-covered monkey bars? And now you might attempt to "sue the fuck out of [them]" for this? Wow.

Are you also going to argue in the lawsuit that the ground under the monkey bars should've been made of pillows and that the bars themselves should be made out of moisture-wicking foam that tickles one's forehead if it ever happens to slam against them?

Do you contemplate suing the city when he scrapes his knee on the sidewalk because it's too rough?

Thank you, crazy mother, for helping to keep America embarrassingly litigious.
You are a horrible parent. Please put your child up for adoption before you do any more mental damage to him. I bet you told your five-year-old that "Daddy obviously doesn't love him as much as mommy does, for mommy would have never ever let baby play on the big bad monkey bars of doom."

You hate your ex, that's your right. Just don't use your child like a weapon or mind-fuck him into early therapy, pretty please?
Sometimes kids hurt themselves when playing? Kudos for FINALLY bringing monkey bars to I,A
You three clearly do not have kids.

You can get mad at a mom for not wanting her child to swing on bars that are wet? As a parent would you put a sprinkler under monkey bars and let your kids play on it? wet means slippery, who allows that? A good mom doesn't!
"You three clearly do not have kids."

Not anymore, sadly. My ex wife let my five-year-old play on the swings right after she ate a big lunch and she drowned. I'm suing the school for not having a lifeguard on duty, of course.
Munch, nobody deliberately made the monkey bars wet.
I hear you, but I, A also clearly pointed out that they let her son play on the monkeys bars (what is sounds like) without checking them first. How hard is it to check something and advise the young kids to wait. Not that fucking hard.

My guess is that this is a nonprofit daycare with one person per every ten kids. Home daycare's don't have monkey bars, and I, A said its not a school. Someone didn't protect that little kid. If the insurance is questioning liability, then someone could have prevented this it sounds like. If this was my kid, i would be just as mad! You guys mock a mom who's son had surgery at 5 because an adult was to lazy to check if the equipment is safe? You guys are fucking dicks!

@disastronaut please don't have kids and go on the oregon health plan, i don't wanna pay for your stupidity!
"Eight years ago, I was eight years younger"

Dear Bio Sperm Donor, I Am Good At Math!
@ Munch:

"...check if the equipment is safe..."

Monkey bars are inherently unsafe.

Anyway, how could anyone ever prove that it was actually the dew that caused the fall? For all we know the kid wiped a big glop of snot from his nose seconds earlier and THAT was what caused him to slip.

And who should be taken to court if the same thing had happened when the bars were perfectly dry?
How can they prove that it wasn't wet if they didn't check? They're the adult who get paid to keep these kids safe! it was 55* high that day I, A said, and ten am in the morning. lol do the fucking weather math on that. THEY'RE FUCKING CHILDREN, you fucking check!! I'm glad that daycare places in your eyes can do a half ass job while watching peoples kids, and you're totally fine with that.

also, i'm sure there has to be an accident report. I'm sure that little boy doesn't know how to lie lying there with his arm broken when someone asked him what happened. There's obviously more to this story, that has mom upset.
Jesus tits.. "Monkey bars are inherently unsafe" No shit, why wouldnt you check them if its wet outside just for that reason alone?
I'm revealing my ignorance here, but what is the weather math formula for wet monkey bars?

And you can relax, I'm not in charge of looking after children. Is the formula is in Dr. Spock's book?
Can't tell if Munch is trolling or not. Entertaining contributions nonetheless.
as a professional monkeybar dryer, I am appalled to hear about all this. I JUST WANT TO HELP.
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