Your Boyfriend is a Sick Pedophile


lol Gresham
Yeah it's IA, but I wouldn't lulz at Kiddie Porn.

Your friend is just as culpable as her boyfriend for protecting him and hiding this information. What a pair. How could someone even stay together with a pedophile?

Gross gross gross. At least you know he probably thinks about children while he's fucking your ex-friend. Also gross gross gross.

Children are to be protected and kept safe. I'd publicly out her.
Man, the sick bitch must look like pure shit, I imagine.
Is 17 years, 364 days, still a kiddy? Is 14 in Kentucky adult?
Man, how does Damos manage to pick the one thing that could possibly make him look like a stupid fuck in the easiest IA to respond to without looking like a stupid fuck, ever? Jesus, this guy.