Barley Whine


For a guy buying beer at 7 am in the morning you'd think you'd have a better sense of humor...
You're a bit paranoid. (At least that's what the beer bottles have been whispering to each other about you.)
Shift work is a bitch. On the upside, you get breakfast with your beer.
I'm there too, buddy. Shift is over at 6am. If anything were open then, I would totally buy a beer or two then. Instead I go to the store. Fun times buying a six pack at 6am...
Not so fast. If you're indeed buying barley wine instead of 'regular' beer, as the title of your rant suggests, then maybe some of those weird looks are warranted -- any beer above 10% ABV that isn't made by a Belgian Trappist is bound to cause problems. And heartburn. Morning or night.