Spinning Your Wheels


I suppose IA also began at "morbidly obese" and worked it all off in six months' time.
Yeah, mind your own fucking business IA, dickbag that you are.
Seriously! Why do you care?
at least they're trying. why so much venom?
Hey! Since you are such an expert, maybe you could... you know... go offer help? Instead of being an anonymous dickbag?
It's lose-lose. Can't suggest anything to the fat person without sounding like an asshole but if you understand the problem and don't act on it you are a piece of shit who doesn't care about your fellow man.

Stop giving a shit about the health of others and just focus on your own, this is the US after all.
You really can't tell much about a person's health from their weight - no really - there are more and more studies supporting this every day. It's that whole "correlation is not causation" thing.

And yeah, it is seriously none of your business. Quit pretending to care about this person's health when you really just want to point out your own supposed superiority. There is no other reason for you to be posting this here.
Jesus Christ! Why would the notion to say anything even come into your head?
At least this person is putting in effort. Have respect for that, right?
Yeah... you kind of can tell about someone's health if they're obese. That whole little lie we like to tell ourselves kind of needs to shrivel up and die.
Surely this 300lb adult knows what (s)he needs to do. Would you scold someone buying nicotine gum for not having quit yet? They're doing the right thing. Your judgment isn't helping.
The point is that IA clear does. not. give. a. fuck. about this person's health. It's just a lame excuse to feel better about themselves.

If other people's health is so important to you, do you stop every bald person you see to ask about their chemo? Do you assume skinny people don't eat? Or maybe that they must have super healthy lifestyles? I'm real skinny and eat plenty, but I've got my own health problems. Should I be judged and approached by total strangers about that (actually that happens, but no, it shouldn't)? There are plenty of unhealthy people around who aren't "obese", so why don't they get the same kind of stigma? Why does it fucking matter to you?