last night on my way to dance class i stopped at my favorite spot for a small bite to eat and a beer. i sat next to a couple (whom i did not bother to pay attention to). well the girl gets up and steps outside for whatever reason and then the guy stops the bartender to discuss the fact he made his first sex tape. the bartender replies with "was it that blonde" the guy says yes. bartender then says he prefers watching ufc for pleasure. some more minor dialogue occurs until the girl he is with comes back in and sits down so i look up at her only to find out she is a brunette (apparently not the blonde video vixen, hahahaha). then the guy scoots over to fill the empty chair between he and i to discuss how good my fries are. i just stare at him blankly and say "probably about as good as that blonde" i then get up and walk away. classic.