Get a Job ... in a Different Industry!


I might agree in sentiment, but I would never say anything to those fine food industry folks for fear that someone will ejaculate in my egg nog or cottage cheese...
I recently told a waiter that he didn't have to be a waiter if he didn't want to. Then i ordered the cottage cheese!
People in the service industry (I'm including bartenders in here as well) are THE most stuck up bunch of people in PDX. They act pretentious even outside of their low paying gig. Shitty service, shitty attitude & the snort a lot of blow!
Not spending money at establishments that provide you with shitty service speaks louder than an anonymous rant on a blog. Also, if the staff puts you off that much, I recommend talking to their boss/the owner of the establishment. If the boss/owner supports the shitty behavior, all the more reason to never go back.
Just don't tip them. They'll learn their lesson fast.
Aww... Poor widdow bebes!
So, someone has a shit day. Maybe their dog died. Maybe their mom died. At any rate, they aren't feeling the 'blow sunshine up your ass' groove today. So suddenly, ALL the waiters, busboys, bartenders and whatnot in Portland are THE WORST EVER.

With assholes like you ordering from them, any wonder they are pissed?
Agree with #4, but you know, the majority are NOT that way. Once again, a few twat hipsters ruin it for every one else. I have received great and shitty service. Here's a tip return to the former, not the latter. Pretentiousness also sucks, but don't be too quick to judge that
Arenit, I would really like to take your side here, but I think we've both read enough of this blog to know that service industry workers learn NOTHING from not being tipped. It just makes them come rant to us about how they were entitled to that 20%.
If someone goes above and beyond I tip up to 30%. If they do their job sufficiently I go with the standard 15%. If it's the Portland-standard piss poor, can't muster a smile, mumbling bullshit effort, I'll google a random Bible verse and write it on the tip line just so they know I give zero fucks about them as they give about me.
i think the service in portland is pretty good, and much better than other cities I've lived in, assholes. (didn't want to end w/preposition)
I don't know that Portland service is that terrible compared to anywhere else. it varies. Could be because ours get actual minimum wage. Retail and barista service with no or little chance of tipping is much worse. I just can't stand hearing servers in this town bitch about tips when they only have to make 3 dollars in tips an hour to match the salary of an average Portland office clerk, who often requires a degree they haven't paid for to land that posh gig.
Arenit - "Jesus wept" is a pretty good choice for the situation...