Use The Crosswalk, Dumb Ass!


YEAH! As a law abiding pedestrian, I couldn't agree more.
Typical rager driver. God forbid you have to pay attention to the road instead of focusing on that cheeseburger. God forbid someone not cross as a crosswalk (welcome to living in Portland). God forbid you might have to slow down every now and then. God forbid you keep your eyes on the road.

The fact you're threatening to honk, yell, ridicule and "quite possibly hit" a pedestrian says a lot about your own internal issues.
dude fuck that pedestrians need to use sidewalks. I'm not a driver. I'ma pedestrian. I often walk blocks out of my way to use a crosswalk on a busy street. I know that he drives and that for some reason upsets you, but the entitlement people feel while breaking the law and being unnecessarily dangerous is ridiculous.
Actually it is your responsibility to look for pedestrians because by Oregon law, every corner or intersection is a crosswalk whether it's marked or not. The second someone steps off the curb, you are required to stop. Of course this doesn't excuse dangerous behavior on the part of pedestrians and they're the ones who will end up dead if they don't use their heads but you might want to be aware of how the law works.
Agree. What is with NW Portland? This is not your personal street, pay attention. Try that on the westside, where the drooling suburbinites don't pay attention to stop signs in fucking parking lots, let alone anywhere else
CitizenIrene is right, of course, about corners being crosswalks.
IA- just realize- you or I will probably hit a pedestrian or biker here at some point, living here, even if we drive slowly and carefully, because of the "way things are" in portland. The key is to accept it as a natural fact of living here, let go of any guilt if not appropriate, and stick around to help out the best you can. As long as cars or bikes or motorcycles exist, there will be metal vs flesh of pedestrians.
DOWN.TOWN. I f-ing hate driving there. HATE IT. Every single time, at least a few peds walk when they're not supposed to, then give ME the stink eye! ME, the driver who is driving a low speed and going on the green light that is not slated to turn yellow for 15 more sec. GIMME A BREAK!!!
What CitizenIrene said. How many times do some drivers have to be reminded of the law? You're driving a 2-ton vehicle and can easily accelerate by lightly pressing your foot. Why is stopping for a person so hard? Why do you think it's appropriate to be threatening?
newsflash, public roads are for the public, and not just for people with motor vehicles.

and having a drivers license is a privilege, not a right.

the only reason we have so many stupid traffic rules is because motor vehicles are dangerous and they kill people.

so get off your high horse and slow the fuck down, asshole.